Abstracts of Annual meeting of Japanese Society for the Study of Xenobiotics
21st JSSX Annual Meeting
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President's Lecture
Distinguished Lectures
Symposium 1
The relevance of transporters to the efficacy and toxicity of drugs
(Asia-Pacific ISSX-JSSX Joint Symposium)
Symposium 2
Chemically reactive metabolites
(JSSX Session)
Symposium 3
Chemically reactive metabolites
(ISSX-JSSX Joint Symposium)
Symposium 4
Functional relation between drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters
Symposium 5
Relationship between phase II drug-metabolizing enzymes and drug action
Symposium 6
New strategies in drug transporter research: from QSAR analysis to drug molecular imaging
Symposium 7
Recent progress in DMPK sciences
Symposium 8
Epigenetics as a mechanism for regulating expression and function of enzymes and transporters
Forum 2006
How should DMPK scientists collaborate with toxicologists?
-Drug metabolites study in humans-
Young Scientists' Symposium
Short Oral Presentations