JSTE Journal of Traffic Engineering
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Volume 6 , Issue 3
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Paper (1) Fundamental/Applied Academic Research
  • Wataru YAMAMOTO, Yoshihiro TATSUMI, Tetsuo OYAMADA, Makoto TSUKAI
    2020 Volume 6 Issue 3 Pages 1-10
    Published: April 01, 2020
    Released: April 01, 2020

    In recent years, stuck cars due to heavy snow has caused a heavy traffic stagnation. In this study, we applied a topic model to extract characteristic patterns of stack occurrence links using stuck records and road structure data in Chugoku region. As a result of the topic model, we got four topics as follows: "the links with narrow width of traffic lane, road shoulder and pedestrian ", "the curved link in upslope with narrow width of traffic lane and road shoulder ", "the curved links in downslope" and "the links of high standard road ". Among the obtained topics, topics related to the road width, such as traffic lane, road shoulder and pedestrian, and road alignment, such as slope and curve, shares 80% and over in all the topics. The remained issue is to apply the proposed topic model for the dataset with dynamic weather condition at the stack occasions.

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Paper (2) Case Study/Survey Research/System Development