Journal of Wind Engineering
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Volume 27 , Issue 2
[No. 91]
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Technical Note
  • Yutaka ASAMI, Koji KONDO, Kazuki HIBI
    2002 Volume 27 Issue 2 Pages 91_83-91_88
    Published: 2002
    Released: August 05, 2005
    Design wind loads provided by the Recommendations for Loads on Buildings (AIJ) have been used for structural design of high-rise buildings in Japan. In this paper, alongwind, crosswind and torsional wind forces measured by wind tunnel tests are compared with the AIJ Recommendation values. The wind tunnel tests have been carried out for parameters of span-side ratio, aspect ratio and terrain category. As a result, the alongwind forces by the wind tunnel tests were slightly greater than that by the AIJ Recommendations, because these forces were evaluated based on a quasi-static theory in the AIJ Recommendations. However, the crosswind and torsional forces shows small changes with the terrain category and are nearly equal to those by the AIJ Recommendations.
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