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The Annual Review of Sociology Vol. 2013(2013) No. 26

Special isuue:Social Movement and Social Policy with Risk,Individualization and Social Anxiety of Post-3/11

Report of the 60th Annual Conference (Session A)
Social Movement and Social Policy with Risk, Individualization and Social Anxiety of Post-3/11

Kahoruko Yamamoto, Norihiro Nihei

Released: June 12, 2015


The Spatial Construction of Nuclear Development and Sacrifice Zones:
A Case Study of Uranium Mining in the Navajo Nation

Noriko Ishiyama

Released: June 12, 2015


Resilience and Social Care Two Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake:
Based on a Case Study of Temporary Housing in Kesennuma

Hideo Nakazawa

Released: June 12, 2015



The Politics of “Indiscretion”:
Gazing at the Body during Shinto Shrine rituals in Pre-war Japan

Tatsuya Akae

Released: June 12, 2015


What Does It Mean to [Noru]?:
Modern Youth‘s [Solidarity in the Intimate Sphere]

Onodera masahiko

Released: June 12, 2015


Analysis of Role Sharing between Family Care Givers and Professional Carers
——Focusing on the Burden of Communication between Them and the Ways Their Roles are Defined——

Yoku Kado

Released: June 12, 2015


Inter-Urban Competition and the Creative City as an Ideology:
‘Glocalization’ and the Rise of the Entrepreneurial City

Ryota Kanazawa

Released: June 12, 2015


Academic Journals and Young Researchers:
A Comparative Study of The Annual Review of Sociology and the Japanese Sociological Review

Keisuke Saito

Released: June 12, 2015


Michiko Sambe

Released: June 12, 2015


In What Situation Do Wage Gaps by Gender/Age/Education Arise?
——From Analyses of Employer-Employee Matching Data——

Koji Takahashi

Released: June 12, 2015


Rethinking Weber's Critique of Modern Western Culture:
Focusing on the Contrast between “Mechanized Ossification” and the “Struggle of the Gods”

Daisuke Tagami

Released: June 12, 2015


Ayumi Takeda

Released: June 12, 2015


Study for a Meaning to Atomic Bomb Survivors' Silence and Their Resistance
With Reference to J. Butler's Giving an Account of Self

Mioko Tokuhisa

Released: June 12, 2015


‘Theory of Mind’ and Intelligibiliy in Social Settings:
Toward Ethnomethodological Studies of the Work in Psychotherapeutic Sessions for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Kazuo Nakamura, Shigeru Urano, Yoshifumi Mizukawa

Released: June 12, 2015


Mothers' Sociability in “Kosodate-hiroba (Child Care Space)”:
From a Case Study of Kohoku District in Yokohama City

Satoko Hori

Released: June 12, 2015


The Social Function of Art in the Systems Theory:
Why Do People Participate in Art?

Keitaro Yazaki

Released: June 12, 2015


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