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  • Volume 34 (2017) Pages 80-90
    Synthesis of Nanoparticles by Laser Ablation: A Review Read more
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    Recent progresses in laser ablation technology enables to generate various kind of nanoparticles with unique functionalities and superior performance. This review discusses the formation mechanism and techniques for synthesizing the functional nanostructures such as size-controlled semiconductor quantum dots, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, and core shell nanoparticles.

  • Volume 34 (2017) Pages 213-223
    Identification of Optimal Mill Operating Parameters during Grinding of Quartz with the Use of Population Balance Modeling Read more
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    The present study through batch kinetic experiments with the use of quartz as test material aims to assess the effect of ball filling volume on the specific rate of breakage and identify the cumulative breakage function by keeping the powder filling volume constant. A new methodology is proposed by combining two software packages for the reliable description of the grinding process that enables the scale-up of laboratory results to larger scale mills.

  • Volume 34 (2017) Pages 44-69
    Aerosol Delivery of siRNA to the Lungs. Part 2: Nanocarrier-based Delivery Systems Read more
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    In the continually growing realm of therapeutic siRNA research, inhaled delivery of siRNA has been an attention-grabbing route of administration due to its potential as a targeted approach for protein synthesis inhibition through RNA interference. Evident hurdles to effective siRNA delivery include overcoming the natural defenses of the lungs as well as intracellular internalization and release of siRNA. This valuable article discusses different preparation methods for multiple types of nanoparticulate delivery systems of siRNA that have been composed of lipids, polymers, peptides, and inorganic materials. Additionally, the authors discuss examples of these cutting-edge nanoparticle siRNA delivery systems to the lungs via various inhalation delivery devices.