Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry publishes papers on a broad range of topics in both fundamentals and applications of mass spectrometry, a science field nourishing an analytical technique that measures the mass of particles or the mass-to-charge ratio of charged particles. Mass Spectrometry is owned and published by the Mass Spectrometry Society of Japan (MSSJ). It is published on-line in electronic version.

The aim of Mass Spectrometry is to provide new discoveries and studies to the scientific community and to foster young scientists to improve their study and work out their publication.

The scope of the journal is wide, encompassing all aspects of fundamentals and applications. Fundamental subjects includes instrumental principles, design, development and demonstration, mechanisms of ionization, energetics and chemical structures of gas-phase ions, theories of ion fragmentation, cluster ions, and potential energy surfaces. Application subjects include analysis of compounds or substances of biological, chemical, geological and physical interest, but Mass Spectrometry does not prefer application notes of a well-established technology to other related compounds or of simple optimization.

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Volume 9 (2020) Issue 1 Pages A0085
Analytical Capability of High-Time Resolution-Multiple Collector-Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry for the Elemental and Isotopic Analysis of Metal Nanoparticles Read more
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2021 MSSJ Award for Excellent Paper

Volume 8 (2019) Issue 1 Pages A0076
Proposal: Recommendation on Measuring and Providing Mass Spectra as Chemical Information of Organic Molecules (Secondary Publication) Read more
Volume 8 (2019) Issue 1 Pages A0074
Structure and m/z of Singly Charged Even-Electron Fragment Ions in Organic Mass Spectrometry: “A Rule of Mass Shift” Revisited (Secondary Publication) Read more
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  • "Spectrum Viewer" is a free, standalone utility for viewing a spectrum. The format of spectral data should be ASCII X-Y plot.  "Spectrum Viewer" can be installed on Windows-PC, without licensing, allowing you to share spectra with anyone outside of your group or organization.
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