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Volume 52, Issue 5
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practice report - introduction of a new approach
  • Maki Someya, Sayaka Oikawa, Tsunetoshi Mogi, Junichi Tanaka, Kenichi T ...
    Article type: research-article
    2021 Volume 52 Issue 5 Pages 405-410
    Published: October 25, 2021
    Released on J-STAGE: February 19, 2022

     Although faculty development (FD) on simulation education is widely conducted, there are few reports of its online implementation. In this study, we attempted an online simulation FD session in which all students and instructors participated remotely from different locations without ever meeting face-to-face, and learned simulation education by experiencing not only the provision of knowledge but also the planning, design, and demonstration of simulation education. Compared to face-to-face simulation FD, reflection-in-action among the students who played the role of instructor was facilitaed during the demonstration. In addition to the experience gained from the practice, we will report on the challenges and possibilities of online simulation FD using conceptuals framworks.

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