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  • Kenji IRIE, Khin Aye, Tsukasa NAGAMINE, Kazuto SHIRATA, Hiroshi FUJIMA ...
    2008 Volume 1 Issue 1 Pages 1-6
    Published: 2008
    Released: October 12, 2012
    Nineteen landraces from the Myanmar rice collection with different heading times were selected to investigate their heading characteristics. They were grown in Yezin (lat 19°16´N., long 96°49´E.), Myanmar and in Tsukuba (lat 36°01´N., long 140°06´E.), Japan. In Yezin, the rice landraces were sown twice within a year, in the ordinary season in June and in the dry season in March. In Tsukuba, they were seeded in April and grown under a 9-hour short-day treatment as well as under daylength conditions in the ordinary season to evaluate their photoperiodic sensitivity and basic vegetative growth. A positive high correlation (r=0.81**) was observed between days to heading in the ordinary season cultivation in Yezin and those in greenhouse cultivation in Tsukuba. A highly significant correlation (r=0.96**) was observed between the days to heading in the dry season cultivation in Yezin and those in greenhouse cultivation in Tsukuba. This correlation was ascribed to genetic differences in the photoperiodic sensitivity among landraces. Since rice in the ordinary season in Yezin was grown under short-day conditions at the vegetative growth stage, the days to heading of the photoperiod-sensitive landraces were remarkably shortened, resulting in a lower variation in the photoperiodic sensitivity. The results of the present investigation indicate the importance of information relating to the culture conditions of introduced genetic resources in natural environments.
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