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Volume 19 , Issue 1
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  • Daikichiro MURAKAMI
    2017 Volume 19 Issue 1 Pages 1-5
    Published: 2017
    Released: June 13, 2017
     The first European PDA annual meeting in Berlin and PDA/FDA Joint Regulatory Conference were held during June 28-29 and September 12-14 in 2016,. respectively.
     The common main subject was Data Integrity, which was keenly discussed at the meetings including the data management with Big Data so that a condensed report would hereunder be made with some ideas proposed to well do in the Big Data Epoch associated with the Data Integrity in the pharmaceutical industry in the both aspects of relevant regulations and corporate governance.
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  • Kiyoshi IMAI
    2017 Volume 19 Issue 1 Pages 6-14
    Published: 2017
    Released: June 13, 2017
     A long time has passed since tablet printing technology was developed as a technology to minimize dispensing errors (prevention of accidental dosing) by improving identification of tablets, and new technologies have been developed to print even on plain tablets. However, it is insufficient for prevention of dispensing errors to apply tablet printing only to a part of tablets instead of “all tablet in the world.”
     Therefore, a new tablet printing technology is required to solve the “challenge in the tablet production” to provide more cost effective, more stable and more flexible (applicable to various kind of tablets) tablet printing technology.
     In this sense, some printing technologies which Freund Corporation has developed are described in this report, and a new tablet printing technology is also introduced here easy to print on all of the tablets in the world and solve the issues in the tablet production.
     Freund Corporation will continue to develop and provide new technologies for further improvement of dispensing errors.
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