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Volume 82, Issue 5
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Original Papers
  • Noriko SUTO, Makoto HARADA, Jun IZUTSU, Toshiyasu NAGAO
    2006 Volume 82 Issue 5 Pages 175-180
    Published: 2006
    Released on J-STAGE: July 14, 2006
    In order to accurately estimate the geomagnetic transfer functions in the area of the volcano Mt. Iwate (IWT), we applied the interstation transfer function (ISTF) method to the three-component geomagnetic field data observed at Mt. Iwate station (IWT), using the Kakioka Magnetic Observatory, JMA (KAK) as remote reference station. Instead of the conventional Fourier transform, in which temporary transient noises badly degrade the accuracy of long term properties, continuous wavelet transform has been used. The accuracy of the results was as high as that of robust estimations of transfer functions obtained by the Fourier transform method. This would provide us with possibilities for routinely monitoring the transfer functions, without sophisticated statistical procedures, to detect changes in the underground electrical conductivity structure.

    (Communicated by Seiya UYEDA, M.J.A.)
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  • Hideo ASAKAWA, Masataka SASABE, Ryuunosuke MIYAZAKI, Haruo MATSUDA, Fu ...
    2006 Volume 82 Issue 5 Pages 181-187
    Published: 2006
    Released on J-STAGE: July 14, 2006
    Ferritin is an iron-storage protein and its serum level is known to increase in the patient of with inflammation and malignant tumor. To further elucidate the difference between ferritins from normal human liver tissue and that of cancer cells, their sialic acids were analyzed. The Western blot analysis and the cytochemical staining using anti-NeuGc antiserum indicated that ferritins from the human hepatocarcinoma tissue and malignant K562 cells contain NeuGc, but that from the normal liver does not. The result was also confirmed by HPLC analysis and MALDI-TOF/MS analysis of sialic acids which were derivatized by the DMB method. It was also shown that the sialic acid content in hepatocarcinoma ferritin was much higher than that in the normal liver ferritin. These results suggest that normal and cancerous liver ferritins are qualitatively and quantitatively different in sialylation. In addition, K562 cells were shown to express NeuGc even if the cells were cultured in serum-free media which lack NeuGc. This is of interest from the current concept that expression of NeuGc in human cells is due to uptake and utilization of exogenous NeuGc.

    (Communicated by Tamio YAMAKAWA, M.J.A.)
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