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Volume 62 , Issue 1
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  • Kaoru YOKOYAMA, Noritake SUGITSUE, Masayuki MUROI, Yasuo SUZUKI
    2013 Volume 62 Issue 1 Pages 1-17
    Published: 2013
    Released: January 29, 2013
    We have proposed a new theory on gamma assay for 238U determination of uranium-contaminated waste drums. According to this theory, regardless of the inhomogeneity of waste matrix density or uranium source distribution, we can accurately determine the amount of 238U contained in drums nondestructively using count rates of gamma rays of two energies(1001keV and 766keV) emitted from 238U progeny nuclide 234mPa. In this paper, we have verified the theory by tests under various waste conditions made by simulated waste drums. We have estimated the relative error to be less than 20%, and the detection limit to be 1.2Bq/g when the specific activity of uranium is 25000Bq/g, in these cases. We have confirmed that this new assay system is efficient for the rational classification of uranium wastes to be disposed of.
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Review Article
  • Tsukasa TADA
    2013 Volume 62 Issue 1 Pages 39-52
    Published: 2013
    Released: January 29, 2013
    Neutrinos stand out among elementary particles with their unique nature, yet had been left in obscurity for a long time. Now, researchers are spending enormous efforts to uncover the secret of neutrinos. In this review, attributes of neutrinos and weak interaction are explained. The significance of neutrino study, detectors and historical perspectives are also mentioned.
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Serial Lecture
Basics and Applications of Mo..ssbauer Spectrometry
  • Kiyoshi NOMURA
    2013 Volume 62 Issue 1 Pages 53-60
    Published: 2013
    Released: January 29, 2013
    The basics of the Mössbauer Effect and the latest application research fields were introduced. The principle and measuring system of Mössbauer Effect, and the parameters from Mössbauer spectra were summarized. The feature of monochromatic beam of synchrotron orbital radiation for nuclear forward scattering and nuclear inelastic scattering was compared with that of γ ray from Mössbauer radioisotopes. Furthermore, the in-beam Mössbauer spectrometry with accelerator also was introduced, and the recent research area were touched through international conferences of Mössbauer Effect.
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Mini Review