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Volume 65 , Issue 7
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Review Article
Serial Lectures
Muon Science
  • Hiroyuki Tanaka
    2016 Volume 65 Issue 7 Pages 305-317
    Published: July 15, 2016
    Released: July 15, 2016

    High energy muons originating from cosmic rays have strong penetrative power and this trait has been utilized extensively to observe the Earth's interior in the last decade such as subsurface volcanoes, faults and caves. Observations of volcanoes in particular have visualized the shapes and positions of magma, and have shown that this technique is applicable to aid in the prediction of eruption sequences. In this paper, the principle and method to view the interiors of geological structures inside the Earth with muons will be reviewed along with recent achievements.

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Neutron Scattering Study on Dynamics of Atomic and Molecular Motions
  • Yasuhiro Inamura, Mitsutaka Nakamura, Masatoshi Arai
    2016 Volume 65 Issue 7 Pages 319-324
    Published: July 15, 2016
    Released: July 15, 2016

    Heat transport phenomena as the thermal conductivity or heat capacity in structurally disordered materials are different from those in crystal materials in low temperature region. These universal thermophysical properties in an atomic scale are directly related to the low-energy excitations, called Boson Peak, observed by neutron inelastic scattering and Raman scattering measurements. In addition, some results of the vibrational density of states obtained by neutron inelastic scattering measurement suggest the validity of two-level-system model which is widely accepted theoretical model of these universal thermophysical properties.

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