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Volume 67 , Issue 1
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  • Hiroyuki Arakawa, Kenji Tokumori, Hidemi Kamezawa, Toshioh Fujibuchi
    2018 Volume 67 Issue 1 Pages 11-15
    Published: January 15, 2018
    Released: January 15, 2018

    It is important to reduce avoidable radiation exposure of health care workers and patients at radiography room in hospitals. For this purpose, teaching methods/tools that can explain basics of radiation protection is useful. Here, we propose a new teaching tool for radiation protection at a general radiography room. X-ray scattering at the general radiography room is mapped by using a Monte Carlo simulation code, PHITS. The radiography room is modeled with a simple geometric form. Therefore, the model can be changed easily to fit each radiography room even by a PHITS beginner. Visualization of X-ray scattering in each radiography room help the effective understanding of radiation protection. Our teaching tool is useful to reduce the unnecessary radiation exposure in radiography rooms.

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Radiotherapy Updates
  • Nobuhiro Tsukamoto
    2018 Volume 67 Issue 1 Pages 31-42
    Published: January 15, 2018
    Released: January 15, 2018

    The CyberKnife® (CK) system is a radiotherapy equipment that combines an X-ray irradiator and robotic arms that were developed at the end of the last century. Through flexibility of the system, CK can achieve precious radiotherapy by selectively irradiating tumor lesions. Useful applications of this treatment include frame-free fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for intracranial tumors, and tumor-tracking radiotherapy for pulmonary and hepatic lesions under the respiratory motion. This treatment is also effective for local control of bone metastases. Since a wide range of clinical application is feasible, stereotactic radiotherapy by using CK system is an important option in radiotherapy.

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