Resources Processing
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Volume 62 , Issue 3
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Original Paper
  • Kazuya KOYAMA, Mikiya TANAKA
    2015 Volume 62 Issue 3 Pages 77-81
    Published: 2015
    Released: November 02, 2016
    In the present study, extraction of rare earth elements (La, Ce, and Tb) in phosphor using concentrated sulfuric acid followed by water extraction was investigated in order to develop a recycling process of waste phosphor containing rare earth elements (La, Ce, and Tb). As a pretreatment, Y and Eu were leached with 2.0 mol/dm3 sulfuric acid solution. More than 80% of La, Ce, and Tb were extracted with H2O after heating at 120°C in concentrated sulfuric acid. Extraction efficiencies of La, Ce, and Tb increased with the heating temperature, heating time, and amount of sulfuric acid. A solution containing 5.45 g/dm3 La, 2.57 g/dm3 Ce, and 1.43 g/dm3 Tb was obtained under the condition of 3.00 g sample, 4.00 g sulfuric acid, 120°C heating temperature, 4hrs heating time, and 100 cm3 H2O for extraction.
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