Science Window
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Print ISSN : 1881-7807
Special issue: Science Window
Volume 11 , Issue E7
English Edition vol.7
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  • [in Japanese]
    2018 Volume 11 Issue E7 Pages 1-16
    Published: 2018
    Released: June 29, 2018


    【Special Feature】 The Wonders of Water

    p.04 Gifts of the Ocean

    p.05 Sea of Life

    p.06 The Beauty of Seaweed and the Power of the Sea

    p.08  Water is the Keyword to Knowing the World

    p.14 Water: Miracle Compound of Life

    【Nature Spotlights】

    p.02 Camouflaged Creatures: Shiho’s Seahorse

    p.12 Humboldt Penguins

    【Science Discovery】

    p.10 Learning from Disasters

    p.15 Nihonium: The “Made in Japan” 113th Element

    p.16 Predict the Weather Using Natural Signs

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