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Volume 62 , Issue 7
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  • – A Comparison between Summer and Winter Survey Results –
    Yayoi HARA, Fuyuko NAKASHIMA, Shigeko SHOYAMA
    2021 Volume 62 Issue 7 Pages 456-464
    Published: July 25, 2021
    Released: July 25, 2021

    A survey was conducted in the winter involving 66 psychiatric inpatients to investigate the bedding colors that are appropriate and inappropriate for patient rooms, as well as the impression of 6 different colors of bedding. We subsequently compared the results with those of a similar survey conducted in the summer, and examined the bedding colors preferred by the patients. The bedding colors used in the survey were white, pale red, pale yellow, pale green, pale blue, and pale purple. (1)The bedding color appropriate for patient rooms was white, and the inappropriate color was pale yellow. No seasonal differences were observed. (2)Only in the winter, there was a difference in the image of pale green depending on patients’ mood at the time of responding. Patients in a brighter mood rated it as “comfortable”, “it makes me feel brighter”, and “clean ”. (3)The results from a factor analysis showed that two factors, “psychological comfort” and “functional comfort”, were extracted. In both the summer and winter, the mean factor score for “psychological comfort” was higher in the order of pale blue, white, and pale green, and that for “functional comfort” in the order of pale red and white. Pale blue, white, and pale green, which provide a higher level of psychological comfort, were confirmed to be recommended as bedding in psychological hospitals in both summer and winter.

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