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Volume 11 , Issue 9
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  • M. Ishibashi
    1937 Volume 11 Issue 9 Pages 196-201
    Published: 1937
    Released: November 20, 2012
    1.Six samples of iron oxide pigments of different sources were examined as to the following properties :
    (a) “Schüttvolumen lose and gestampft”
    (b) Oil absorption with raw linseed oil of acid value 0.451 by the methods of Gardner and Coleman and A.S.T.M.
    (c) Sedimentation volumes in carbon tetrachloride, xylene, ethyl-and methyl-alcohols, and distilled water.
    2.Quantities of moisture and iron as Fe2O3 were obtained by analysis.
    3.The correlation of the properties mentioned above and the compositions of the pigment were discussed.
    4. The data obtained are rather scarce in order to form a clear and precise picture of the pigmental properties of iron oxide pigments. The properties enumerated above and determination of them afforded valuable data which predict that further investigations on these problems may be very useful in obtaining suggestive informations about the pigmental characteristic of the iron oxide pigment.
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  • [in Japanese]
    1937 Volume 11 Issue 9 Pages 201-203
    Published: 1937
    Released: November 20, 2012
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