Technical Journal of Advanced Mobility
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Volume 3, Issue 3
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  • Hiroyuki Miyauchi
    2022 Volume 3 Issue 3 Pages 27-42
    Published: 2022
    Released on J-STAGE: June 09, 2022
    For social implementation of drone, it is important to discuss technical information that comprehensively summarizes the current state of drone in the architectural field. In this paper, the transition of infrastructure development for drone in government-academia-industry and the utilization situation of drone in the architectural field are summarized. In addition, safety, inspection accuracy, workability and economic efficiency for a building inspection were evaluated by developing technology and their tests. Finally, in order to operate the guideline related to the regular reporting system for external wall inspection of building, it is necessary to develop the implementing equipment related to drone and to teach a technician who can conduct infrared inspection by drone.
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