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Volume 19 , Issue 2
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Short Communication
  • Shunsuke Itoh, Atsushi Oshiro, Takuya Arakaki
    2015 Volume 19 Issue 2 Pages 79-82
    Published: April 30, 2015
    Released: August 27, 2018

    Brown root rot disease, which is caused by Phellinus noxius, is commonly found on windbreak or roadside trees in Okinawa Prefecture, including Okinawa, Kume, Miyako, Ishigaki, and Iriomote islands. Deteriorating Casuarina equisetifolia (coast sheoak) trees that exhibited the typical symptoms and signs of brown root rot were observed in windbreak stands surrounding the Okinawa Prefectural Agricultural Research Center-Nago Branch in December 2010. We applied the following three control operations at the diseased site : inserting a thin metal plate into the ground just off the affected area to shield against soil-borne infection, cutting down the coast sheoaks, and removing all underground plant residue by machine and by hand. The soil in the area was then treated with chloropicrin (trichloronitromethane). Eight month later, we planted Machilus thunbergii, Fraxinus griffithii, Araucaria heterophylla, and Cordyline sp. seedlings in the treated area. Because none of the newly planted plants and neighboring C. equisetifolia trees showed signs of infection or damage from P. noxius for 3 years after the treatment, we concluded that the disease control efforts were successful. The development of lower-cost and lower-impact operations is expected for practical control of the disease.

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