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  • Using an interview survey
    Yaodan ZHANG, Yasuhisa ABE
    2021 Volume 16 Pages 83-
    Published: 2021
    Released on J-STAGE: September 19, 2023
    This research investigated the residence purchasing motives, preferences, patterns and backgrounds of Chinese white-collar workers in Greater Tokyo and other metropolitan areas in Japan. Twenty-seven Chinese nationals who had purchased a residence were interviewed. The results showed that economic factors were strong motives in purchasing a residence, especially good cost performance in relation to rented housing. Additionally, the favorable exchange rate due to the appreciation of the RMB meant that the respondents could buy housing at a relatively low price. Many also pointed out that housing prices were comparatively lower in Japan than in big cities in China. On the other hand, those surveyed had decided to purchase houses on the premise of staying in Japan even in the long term. In terms of the type of housing purchased, many respondents preferred to buy new homes. At the same time, many indicated that they were eager to buy detached houses because opportunities to purchase such property in Chinese cities are limited. This result shows that psychological factors also play a role in housing preferences. In addition, the respondents preferred to make purchases in districts with convenient transportation infrastructure and relatively low house prices. When considering a purchase area, they would not necessarily choose to live in a Chinese catchment area. Their distribution in residential areas is therefore more dispersed.
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