Viva Origino
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Volume 34, Issue 1
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  • Peter Andras, Csaba Andras
    2006 Volume 34 Issue 1 Pages 40-50
    Published: 2006
    Released on J-STAGE: January 29, 2022

    We present in this paper the protein interaction world hypothesis about the origins of life. According to this hypothesis life originated as a self-reproducing and expanding set of molecular interactions, and living cells are such sets of molecular interactions. We emphasize that according to our hypothesis the reproduction of molecular interactions is the critical aspect of such systems, while other origins of life hypotheses put the emphasis on the reproduction of molecules. We present molecular interaction systems in general, with examples presented in cellular context. We discuss the evolution of life forms according to our theory, and we show that RNA and DNA molecules can be seen as generators of molecular interactions that serve as memories of other such interactions in the context of cells viewed as molecular interaction systems.

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  • Tsutomu Hinokuchi, Hirofumi Hashimoto
    2006 Volume 34 Issue 1 Pages 51-53
    Published: 2006
    Released on J-STAGE: January 29, 2022

      In order to investigate influence of low pressure on a germination of a plant, the germination rates of white radish, buckwheat and qing-geng-cai were measured under low pressure in pure oxygen. The results of germination experiments show that the germination rate of buckwheat is the highest in three species of plant at 4kPa. The tolerance of buckwheat to the low pressure environment is the highest in this stage. Germination rates of buckwheat were also investigated at different temperature. As a result, the germination rate at 20°C was higher than that at 25°C.

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