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Services Details

For Visitors

  • Possible to search and/or access the latest paper and documents appeared in the past with a browser.
  • Allows making reference to documents from which a research paper is citing with the references cited link function.
  • Possible to make reference to concrete research contents by electronic attachments such as animation and sound.
  • A paper can be accessed as an electronic journal prior to the acquisition of a printed version.

For secretariat / editorial board / assessor

  • Possible to accept papers submitted electronically as well as assigning editorial board members and an assessor.
  • Facilitates the transmission of peer review and judgement results expeditiously.
  • Possible to manage the state of each process as a database for every paper.

For authors

  • A paper can be widely appeared to the world.
  • One’s paper can be widely read by links from worldwide electronic journal sites, etc.
  • Possible to deliver animation, sound and the like as an electronic appendix.
  • The status of peer review and judgement of a paper that has been submitted can be verified. (when the editing/ judgement standard support system is used)
  • A paper can be release as an electronic journal prior to the release of a printed version.