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Privacy Policy

  1. Information to be Collected

    (1) Access information (including but not limited to users' domain-names, IP addresses and the pages accessed) is automatically collected on J-STAGE, however, we will never identify any individual by such collected data. We also use Cookies, however, we will never identify any individual by this information.

    (2) If you wish to use My J-STAGE service, please register your e-mail address. We will collect the information, registered by My J-STAGE user, regarding favorite materials, favorite articles, favorite searches and, alert services("Register Alerts" or "Citation Alerts"), as well as the frequency of access and accessed pages (the “Users Information”).

  2. Purpose of Use

    (1) The collected access information will be used through statistical analysis for understanding the trend of usage of J-STAGE such as the trend of access in order to provide further effective services, as well as for monitoring excessive or unauthorized use and for recovering from system failures. We occasionally use Cookies for confirming the authentication information of users.

    (2) Your mail address registered for use of My J-STAGE service will be used as a login ID for My J-STAGE service, and also for sending alert services("Register Alerts" or "Citation Alerts") and notices from academic societies and Japan Science and Technology Agency(“JST”). The Users Information of My J-STAGE user will be used through statistical analysis for understanding the user's tendency of usage in order to improve the level of service.

  3. Disclosure of Information

    JST may disclose the collected information, to a necessary extent, to institutions (academic societies or operation companies, etc.) which are involved in the operation of J-STAGE only for the purpose as described above.
    Apart from the above, the collected access information will not be used for any other purpose or be provided to third parties unless disclosure is required by law or due to some illegal acts such as unauthorized access or interference, etc. However, the collected information may be disclosed after being statistically processed.

  4. Usage of the Collected Information

    JST will take necessary measures to prevent divulgation, loss or damage of the collected information and to appropriately manage such information.

  5. Contact

    Please contact us at the following address if you have any questions.