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Link Policy

We are happy to permit links to J-STAGE, however, please limit links to one of the following pages. We would appreciate it if you would let us know when you create a link. We may refuse links from sites which we consider inappropriate such as commercial sites or sites that may infringe copyrights, etc.

1)  Top Page of J-STAGE

English Top Page

Japanese Top Page

2)  Top Page for Journals

English Top Page{journal code}/

Japanese Top Page{journal code}/-char/ja/

3)  Page for Abstracts of Articles

Use either one of the following methods.

a.            Use DOI displayed on the article’s page.
b.            by OpenURL (see details)

*For the journal code, please refer to the address of the top page for each journal.
English Page:{journal code}
Japanese Page:{journal code}/-char/ja/

As a link-banner, please feel free to download and use the image below.


Regardless of whether or not compensation is received, systematic link or search (from database services and link resolvers, etc.) for commercial purposes needs JST's written approval in advance.