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JST Information


Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) was established on October 1, 1996 with the integration of the Japan Science and Technology Information Center (established in August 1957), which had been providing circulation services of science and technology information and New Technology Corporation (established in July 1961), which had been carrying out basic research, new technology development and research cooperation promotion services. Along with inheriting/developing the projects that these corporations had been advancing, JST was established with the object of promoting infrastructure development and cutting-edge/ingenious research as well as developing and promoting science and technology understanding enhancement projects in response to the enactment of science and technology basic act (proclaimed on November 15, 1995).

Japan Science and Technology Corporation has been reorganized into an independent administrative institution Japan Science and Technology Agency on October 1, 2003.


  • Technology seeds creation
    (strategic basic research promotion projects, young individual research promotion projects, etc.)
  • New technology commercialization
    (contract development projects, research results utilization promotion projects, etc.)
  • Information infrastructure development
    (offering science and technical information, sophisticated databases, etc.)
  • Regional science and technology promotion
    (regionally concentrated joint research projects, regional research and development promotion base support projects, etc.)
  • Science and technology understanding enhancement
    (technological understanding improvement projects, Japan Science Future Hall)
  • Domestic and foreign people-to-people exchanges
    (international people exchanges, researcher exchanges)