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  • 吉田 光孝, 石川 和子, 北村 元仕
  • 生物物理化学
  • Vol. 11 (1966) No. 4
  • 公開日: 2009年03月31日
There have been difficulties in separating first and second fractions near the cathode in analysing serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) isozymes using conventional agar-gel electrophoretic methods. In order to obtain clear separation as well as reliable pattern of LDH isozymes, studies were performed by means of agar gel electrophoresis followed by the staining using nitroblue tetrazolium. The method for routine electrophoretic analysis of LDH isozymes for various body fluids or extracts was established.
1. Clear separation of LDH isozyme patterns could be obtained by improved cooling device as well as by the choice of proper electrophoretic and staining conditions.
2. It was found that the process for preparation of agar plate was important in order to obtain reproducible results.
3. Proper quantity of sample to use for LDH isozyme studies was examined using filter paper method by Ogita.
4. Ressler's staining condition was found to be most sensitive and reliable for our method.