全文: "安威川ダム"
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  • 松田 真平
    2014年 2014 巻 240 号 23-27
    発行日: 2014/04/10
    公開日: 2017/08/16
    ジャーナル フリー
    The discovery place is shown as Ryusenkyo (竜仙峡) in the both labels of these first specimens. The active habitable home of this small beautiful Lycaenidae locates around an old retired bus stop 'Ryusenkyo-guchi' in the right side of Aigawa river's middle reach area, 1km south of kurumatsukuri-oohashi bridge across this river. This precious natural area of this Mt. Ryuouzan region will be destroyed and submerged by the construction of Aigawa-dam, that situated on the lower middle reaches (Ibaraki-shi,shobo) southern of Ryusenkyo. And the same upper tributary streams, called Shimo-otowagawa-keikoku valley, which is also in the part of Ryusenkyo, is saved from submergence by this dam project. But unfortunately the area is under the construction of Daini-meishin expressway to move on the destruction of the forestial environment. And present, Aigawa-dam preject is moving very carefully by public policy, so this few in number habitat of S. takanonis at Ryusenkyo area will be almost safety by the submergence. I hope the active natural environment for these rare butterflies and all aquatic organism are preserved as much as possible. Because Ryusenkyo(Ibaraki-shi Kurumatsukuri) is a precious undeveloped good woodland near populated Osaka-city area, from Umeda station in only 1hour.
  • 大阪府茨木市の場合
    矢嶋 巌
    2007年 20 巻 159-168
    発行日: 2008/03/31
    公開日: 2009/04/22
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 平松 和也, 細谷 和海
    2006年 53 巻 1 号 39-46
    発行日: 2006/05/25
    公開日: 2010/06/28
    ジャーナル フリー
    Relationships between the distribution and habitat variables of the endangered Ajime-loach, Niwaella delicata, were investigated in the Ai River, part of the Yodo River system, Kinki District, Japan. The fish were distributed in reaches totalling 1.9km of the 13km surveyed, between 110m and 160m above sea level. Comparison and principal component analysis of sections where the Ajime-loach was present or absent demonstrated that major variables influencing distribution are low summer water temperatures, variable channel units, an abundance of loose stones and abundant groundwater discharge, all being necessary for future conservation of the species. And the consequences of the study suggest the importance of riparian forest, streambed disturbance by flooding and control of fine sediment input from the watershed to the habitat of the Ajime-loach.
  • 平島 寛, 山本 一敏
    1997年 5 巻 83-92
    発行日: 1997/11/30
    公開日: 2010/06/04
    ジャーナル フリー
    長良川河口堰, 諌早湾干拓など, 全国各地で公共事業をめぐって, 住民や環境保護派による反対運動が起こっている。住民の価値観の多様化, 環境問題や税金の使途に対する関心の高まりなどが背景にある。こうした中で, 公共事業に対して国民や市民の合意をどのように形成していくかは, 今後の社会資本整備に必要不可欠な視点であり, その前提条件としての情報公開の重要性, 必要性が声高に叫ばれている。ここでは, 公共事業に関する情報を公開することにどのような得失があるのか, 公共事業と住民との関わりの中でどのような情報の開示が必要かを考察する。結論として, 「情報公開が直ちに事業の合意形成に住民意思を反映させることを意味するものではないが, 公共事業における情報公開の得失をよく理解した上で, 計画段階から事業内容を公開し, それに対する住民の意見を聴くことが情報公開を意義あるものにする」 との考えに至った。
  • 芝崎 美世子, 大塚 泰介, 三田村 宗樹
    2013年 29 巻 48-53
    発行日: 2013/12/31
    公開日: 2013/12/19
    ジャーナル オープンアクセス
    We studied epilithic diatom assemblages and their association with the environments of the Ai River, a subsidiary stream of the Yodo River, in west central Japan. Diatom samples were collected in August and December, 2009. Melosira varians that tends to be grazed by aquatic animals was usually dominant, especially in the lower parts of the river. In the upper parts of the river, sessile diatoms such as Achnanthidium minutissimum and Planothidium lanceolatum were abundant in summer, while Diatoma vulgaris and Nitzschia dissipata were abundant in winter. Rhoicosphenia abbreviata which firmly adheres to the substrata by a short stalk was dominant at the site with the highest stream gradient. Luticola ventriconfusa was dominant in the lowest part of the river, suggesting tidal influences. DAIpo (Diatom Assemblage Index to water pollution) was higher in the upstream to midstream parts than in the headwater. This pattern significantly corresponded to the river gradient.
  • 藤本 健, 栗山 知広, 田中 久富
    空気調和・衛生工学会大会 学術講演論文集
    1992年 1992 巻 E-33
    発行日: 1992/10/07
    公開日: 2017/08/31
    会議録・要旨集 フリー
  • 本藤 敦, 黒木 繁盛, 櫻井 孝臣, 高橋 明生, 金澤 明広
    2003年 13 巻 495-500
    発行日: 2003/11/17
    公開日: 2011/06/27
    ジャーナル フリー
    The demand for binocular tunnels is increasing recently because of construction conditions in the suburbs. The drifts advanced method is popular as a construction method of binocular tunnels. This tunneling method has some advantages of large bearings for bending moments and vertical loads. But this method includes some weak points of long period and complex works. This paper shows a design method of binocular tunnels without drifts conquering these weak points on the past experiences.
  • 芳賀 泰平, 川崎 昭如, 池内 幸司
    2018年 31 巻 5 号 350-363
    発行日: 2018/09/05
    公開日: 2018/10/11
    ジャーナル フリー


  • 西 英子, 中山 徹
    2001年 7 巻 13 号 207-212
    発行日: 2001/07/20
    公開日: 2017/04/14
    ジャーナル フリー
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the present condition of evaluation system in local government. It focuses on disclosure of information for transparency in the process of evaluating projects. In the process, a number of local governments disclosed information at evaluation committee stage. There are various opinions from the public, for example, technical problems and environmental problems etc. It is necessary to think about original evaluating items and views of the public in the real state of local government. For transparency, it is important to discuss in open meeting.
  • 木村 昌弘, 伊藤 禎彦
    2007年 35 巻 295-306
    発行日: 2007/10/13
    公開日: 2010/06/04
    ジャーナル フリー
    地球環境の保全、流域の水循環の健全性, 水道の安定性・安全性などを貨幣価値で統合的に評価するため「流域水資産健全度指数」という新しい指標を用いた上下水道システムの総合評価手法を提案した. その指標によるモデル流域での総合評価では, 下水の処理水を河川に還流するケースが最も高い評価となり, 地球温暖化対策としては自律分散型のシステムが有効との結論を得た.
  • 将来の貯留水有効利用を目指して
    村岡 浩爾, 村岡 治道
    1997年 25 巻 83-94
    発行日: 1997/10/15
    公開日: 2010/06/04
    ジャーナル フリー
    Urbanization changes the runoff process artificially, and flood disaster tends to occur frequently even by a small rainfall. Neya River Basin, the low plain of Osaka Prefecture, is one of the areas where the rapid urbanization has been advanced. The local government has proceeded with the plan practically to prevent the basin from flood disaster due to three strategies; drainage works, storage works, and infiltration function. However, even if this project would be completed by planning age around 2010, the control agrees just in 40 years of the return period.
    This paper firstly discusses the efficiency and availability of the main water facilities for flood control by the model rainfall, especially focusing on the time-depend characteristics of water storage and cut-off effect of peak flood discharge. Then the possibility of practical control concerning flood control and water reuse is studied in order to get the higher stage of water environment expecting the safety and amenity simultaneously in the middle of 21 Century.