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  • In-gyu Yoo, Won-gyu Yoo
    Journal of Physical Therapy Science
    2012年 24 巻 8 号 659-661
    発行日: 2012年
    公開日: 2012/11/07
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    [Purpose] The purpose of this study was to show the effects of the wearing of tight jeans on lumbar and hip movements during trunk flexion. [Subjects] Twelve male subjects were recruited. [Methods] The lumbar flexion angle and hip flexion angle were measured using a dual inclinometer during trunk flexion, with and without tight jeans. [Results] The lumbar flexion angle significantly increased when wearing tight jeans compared to not wearing and wearing of general jeans. The hip flexion angle significantly decreased when wearing tight jeans compared to not wearing and wearing of general jeans. [Conclusion] We suggest that tight jeans might limit normal lumbar and hip movements. So, abnormal lumbar and hip movements induced by tight jeans may be a cause of low back musculoskeletal disorders.
  • 堀内 かおる, 土屋 善和
    2012年 63 巻 10 号 659-667
    発行日: 2012/10/15
    公開日: 2013/10/23
    ジャーナル フリー
    Previous studies have stated that jeans were useful teaching material to help students understand the influence of globalization on our daily consumption. The purpose of this study is to clarify students’ interaction in home economics lessons regarding consumer life and daily consumption. The lessons using jeans as teaching materials took place between November and December 2010 at a high school in a metropolitan area. A discourse analysis was carried out to clarify students’ interaction during discussion.The theme of the discussion was “We need low-price jeans (850 yen).” Small groups of high school students were involved in preparing the debate.The purpose of the pre-debate lesson was to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the low-price jeans (850 yen). The statements of three members of the focus group were analyzed and it was found that students were able to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of low-price jeans.The processes for collecting students’ statements were clarified and the researchers found that the three students discussed the matter very well.
  • Hidenori TANAKA
    2013年 46 巻 5 号 29-47
    発行日: 2013年
    公開日: 2013/11/30
    ジャーナル フリー
    This paper is an analysis of how the competitive advantages of industrial agglomerations can be strengthened by the networks that exist between the firms within them, using as a case study the Okayama jeans agglomeration. The manfacturers in this example are able to supply jeans flexibly, according to the demands of the market, through close−knit interactions between the branded jeans companies and their preferred specialist supplier companies within the agglomeration network. At the same time, similar interactions taking place across the entire network ensure a sustainable level of production is maintained for the agglomeration as a whole. Based on the above, we can formulate a hypothesis about the factors that help to support the advantages of industrial agglomerations.
  • Akiko Kondo
    2011年 28 巻 73-92
    発行日: 2011/10/30
    公開日: 2017/07/08
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  • Hiroki Ishikura
    2008年 6 巻 1 号 19-26
    発行日: 2008/03/31
    公開日: 2012/09/24
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  • Metin Akgun, Metin Gorguner, Mehmet Meral, Atila Turkyilmaz, Fazli Erdogan, Leyla Saglam, Arzu Mirici
    Journal of Occupational Health
    2005年 47 巻 4 号 346-349
    発行日: 2005年
    公開日: 2005/08/12
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  • 梅川 通久, 吉田 龍生, 宮路 茂樹, 松元 亮治
    1996年 93 巻 3 号 C101-
    発行日: 1996/06/20
    公開日: 2017/10/02
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    星形成現象をトリガーする過程として、星間分子雲中の圧縮層が重要な役割を担っていると考えられている。特に、スターバースト銀河や、巨大分子雲内での連鎖的星形成(Elmegreen and Lada1977)の機構として、圧縮層の存在は重要である。Elmegreen and Elmegreen(1978)は、圧縮層のJeans不安定性について、系統的解析を行ない、その分散関係を示した。またLubow and Pringle(1993)は、線形解析によって外圧が非常に大きいという条件では、Jeansモードについて安定であっても、非圧縮なモードによる不安定が顕著に現れ、圧縮層の分裂が起きるという指摘を行なった。我々は、このLubow and Phngleの指摘に基づき、圧縮層の外圧が非常に大きく、層の厚さが非常に薄くなる場合についての非線形解析を、2次乖数値シミュレーションの手法を用いて行なった。圧縮層の線形最大成長波長程度及び、最大成長波長の5倍程度の領域についての数値シミュレーションを行なった結果、Lubowらの解析と同様の条件の下で、非線形の段階でもJeans長よりも小さなスケールで非圧縮なモードの不安定が起こる事を確認した。
  • Naoko Nakagawa, Kunihiko Kaneko, Teruhisa S. Komatsu
    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
    2000年 69 巻 10 号 3214-3222
    発行日: 2000年
    公開日: 2001/01/31
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    We study relaxational behavior from a highly excited state for a composite system in partial contact with a heat bath, motivated by an experimental report of long-term energy storage in protein molecules. The system consists of two coupled elements: The first element is in direct contact with a heat bath, while the second element interacts only with the first element. Due to this indirect contact with the heat bath, energy injected into the second element dissipates very slowly, according to a power law, whereas that injected into the first one exhibits exponential dissipation. The relaxation equation describing this dissipation is obtained analytically for both the underdamped and overdamped limits. Numerical confirmation is given for both cases.
  • Takehiko MATUKUMA
    Proceedings of the Imperial Academy
    1930年 6 巻 4 号 133-136
    発行日: 1930年
    公開日: 2008/03/19
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  • Takehiko MATUKUMA
    Proceedings of the Imperial Academy
    1930年 6 巻 2 号 44-47
    発行日: 1930年
    公開日: 2008/03/19
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  • 住田 寛樹, 上野 翔, 須藤 裕司, 末原 大幹, 吉岡 瑞樹, 川越 清以, Daniel Jeans, 竹下 徹, 小寺 克茂, 小野 裕明, CALICE-Asia group, ILD ECAL group
    2015年 70.1 巻 21pDK-2
    発行日: 2015/03/21
    公開日: 2017/07/10
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  • Junko KATAOKA, Mie SUZUKI, Satoshi SHIBATA, Kazuyoshi SAKAMOTO
    The Annals of physiological anthropology
    1994年 13 巻 5 号 219-231
    発行日: 1994/09/01
    公開日: 2008/02/08
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    In this study, data on walking speed, step numbers, cadence of natural walking were collected and their relations to foot wear, clothing, Iuggage carried and time of the day as well as crowdedness were investigated. This survey was held in Shinjuku, Tokyo in 1991. Six thousand three hundred and seventy nine walking people were observed from 10 : 00 am to 5 : 00 pm. Ten students who were trained to observe the walking were employed for the data collection. The observed subjects were divided into three age groups, name{y young (less than 30 years), middle (31-60years) and elder (over 6lyears), and their age groups were decided by the students based on their appearance. For the analysis, they were further classified into male and female groups. The factors which affect walking speed, step number and cadence were taken into consideration. It was found that young people were more sensitive to their factors in their natural walking and old people showeci lower flexibility to these factors.
  • 釣部 通
    1999年 99 巻 2 号 B128-
    発行日: 1999/05/20
    公開日: 2017/10/02
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  • ホッポ E.
    1930年 4 巻 1 号 65-68
    発行日: 1930年
    公開日: 2010/03/16
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  • 井口 修, Tomomi Kurokawa, Masahiro Morikawa, Akika Nakamichi, Yasuhide Sota, Takayuki Tatekawa, Kei-ichi Maeda
    1999年 99 巻 2 号 B94-B95
    発行日: 1999/05/20
    公開日: 2017/10/02
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  • 樋泉 俶子, 戸田 卯子, 中川 早苗
    1993年 46 巻 4 号 T87-T92
    発行日: 1993/04/25
    公開日: 2010/02/12
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    目的 1960年代若者の間で大流行したジーンズは, ここ数年若者の間で再び流行している.しかし, 現代の若者たちはかっての60年代, 70年代の若者 (現代の中年層) とは異なった感覚でジーンズを着用しているのではないかと思われる.本研究は, このようなジーンズに対するイメージや評価について若年層, 中年層では差が見られるのではないかと考え調査を行い, 2世代別に検討を試みた.成果 ジーンズに対し, 若年層, 中年層とも, 軽快で気軽な, 活発ですっきりした, 開放的なイメージをいだいているが, 一方若年層にとってジーンズとはファッション性, 中年層にとっては個性を象徴するアイテムとしてとらえられている.因子分析の結果からは3因子 (カジュアル・落ち着き・洗練性) が抽出された.ジーンズに対する評価では, 活動性や機能性, 経済性の面において2世代ともに高い評価が得られたが, 社会性・ファッション性の面においては若年層からは肯定的な評価を, 中年層からは否定的な評価が得られた.ジーンズの着用派, 非着用派を判別する要因を数量化II類で検討した結果, 年代や職業, 服装観, ジーンズに対する評価などがおもに影響していることが明らかになった.
  • Luis Reinoso-Barbero, María-Fernanda González-Gómez, Diego Bélanger-Quintana, Montserrat Piñaga-Solé, Miguel Fernández-Fernández, Maria Concepcion Garrido-Astray, Ana Capapé-Aguilar, Aranzazu Mota-Olmeda, Ramón Díaz-Garrido, Félix Gómez-Gallego, Fernando Bandrés-Moya, Javier Sanz-González
    Journal of Occupational Health
    2013年 55 巻 3 号 149-157
    発行日: 2013年
    公開日: 2013/10/04
    [早期公開] 公開日: 2013/05/02
    ジャーナル フリー HTML
    Objectives: Semicircular lipoatrophy (SL) is an emerging occupational pathology. Its etiology is poorly understood. We intend to establish the probable risk factors and estimate the relative risk. Methods: A case-control study was performed. Our company had 55 diagnosed cases. As controls, we used the 3 closest healthy coworkers to each case. We calculated the chi square, odds ratio and logistic regression for different exposures, during the 3 years from September 2007 to August 2010. Results: There was 100% participation for the cases and 70.9% for the controls (ratio 1 : 2.1 case-control). The only risk variables found were female gender (p<0.02) and exposure to leaning on the edge of a table (p<0.01). In addition, a breakdown by sex objectifies a much stronger association with leaning on the edge of a table in women (p<0.01) than men (p 0.67). Conclusions: Female gender and leaning on the edge of a table (repeated microtrauma), especially in women, are risk factors for development of SL. Other variables seem to be confounding factors associated with female gender. There were no SL cases showing statistically significant relations with history of cancer or autoimmune diseases. There was also no significance with regard to wearing jeans. There is therefore a new risk for office staff in addition to the more traditional disorders (musculoskeletal, ocular, and psychosocial). Further studies are necessary to evaluate what we consider an underdiagnosed condition, since there is a large percentage of people that are potentially exposed and we found very little information in the literature on the matter.(J Occup Health 2013; 55: 149–157)
  • 小西 哲郎, 柳田 達雄
    2017年 72 巻 10 号 728-733
    発行日: 2017/10/05
    公開日: 2018/08/06
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    鎖状系の最も単純なモデルとして,質量の等しい質点が一列につながった系を考える.要素間の相互作用ポテンシャルが急峻であると考え,生物物理や化学物理の分野でよく行われるように,質点間の結合を軽い剛体棒で置き換える.この系はfreely jointed chainと呼ばれ,隣合う質点間の距離が一定という拘束がある.

    はじめに,鎖状系の熱平衡状態を考える.Freely jointed chainは,熱平衡状態において,各質点の平均運動エネルギーは等しくないこと,特に,末端部でそれは過剰になることを,数値計算および解析計算により示した.末端部が大きく動くことは直感的に明らかに思えるが,運動エネルギーの意味でも末端部で激しい運動が起きているのである.


    次に,質点が剛体ではなくバネでつながった鎖状系bead-spring modelを考える.この系では熱平衡状態において通常のエネルギー等分配則が成立する.我々は数値計算により(i)末端部の運動エネルギーが過剰となる状態が過渡的に発生すること,(ii)過渡状態から等分配状態への緩和時間τが,バネ定数kが大きい時τ∝ exp(ck)(c>0は定数)でよく表され非常に長くなることを示した.

    バネが固い時に緩和が遅いということは,速い運動をする自由度,つまり高振動数の自由度(この場合はバネの振動)にエネルギーが行き渡るのに時間がかかることを意味している.これは,量子力学の発見以前に,BoltzmannとJeansが古典力学の範囲内で考察したことである.もちろん,この高振動数自由度の凍結という問題は量子力学の発見によって決着が付けられたが,それとは独立に,Benettinらはこのアイディアを精密化し,この凍結問題を古典力学の範囲内で解決した.これを鎖状系に適用したのがτ∝ exp(ck)なる表式である.この意味で,この遅い緩和過程を“Boltzmann-Jeans的緩和”と呼び,この指数関数型の表式を“Boltzmann-Jeans則”と呼ぶ.バネ定数kが大きなときにBoltzmann-Jeans則により緩和時間が非常に長くなることで,運動エネルギーの不均一性を実際に観測できる可能性がある.


  • 佐藤 悦子, 梅澤 絹子, 小林 茂雄
    1998年 49 巻 1 号 59-68
    発行日: 1998/01/15
    公開日: 2010/03/10
    ジャーナル フリー
    The purposes of this study are to investigate how the hemline widths of jeans affect the body movements of healthy persons when putting on and taking off jeans, and how they are related to wearing comfortability.
    In the experiment, four types of jeans with different hemline widths were used. The types were classified as middle-slim (S1), middle-straight (S2), roomy-straight (S3), and soft-middle-straight (S4). Subjects were 30 healthy female university students. They were classified into three groups by body size : large, medium and small.
    After videotaping the subjects putting on and taking off each type of jeans, each subject was required to answer a sensory evaluation sheet consisting of 21 items using the SD method. They were also asked which leg they mainly used in their daily activities.
    The results were as follows :
    1) With regard to required time for putting on and taking off each type of jeans, significant differences were found among the types of hemline width. For putting on jeans, the longer the time required, the narrower the hemline width was. This was shown as follows : 51, S2>S3, S4. Particularly, the large body size group, showed remarkable differences. For taking off jeans, S1 showed significantly longer time, while the large body size group showed significantly longer time than other groups.
    2) Concerning the sense of comfort in wearing, S2 and S3 types showed significant differences.Particularly, the small body size group gave the highest points to S2; the items, such as, “suberigayoi, ” “hadazawarinoyoi, ” and so on.
    3) Regarding which leg is used to step into and out of jeans, it was confirmed that the different types of hemline widths did not affect which leg was used for the movement.
  • 立見 淳哉
    2005年 51 巻 5 号 465-482
    発行日: 2005/12/30
    公開日: 2017/05/19
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