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  • Hiroshi Riquimaroux, Tetsuya Takahashi, Tsutomu Hashikawa
    Journal of the Acoustical Society of Japan (E)
    1994年 15 巻 3 号 171-177
    発行日: 1994年
    公開日: 2011/02/17
    ジャーナル フリー
    The purpose of this study was to examine response patterns of neurons in the primary auditory cortex of the Japanese monkey anesthetized with nitrous oxide for better understanding sound processings in the central auditory system. White noise bursts and tone bursts were used as stimuli. Major findings are that neurons in the primary auditory cortex show 1) antero-posterior tonotopicity at threshold level, 2) complicated temporal response patterns depending on frequency and/or intensity at suprathreshold level and 3) few ON-responses. Results suggest that a neuron in the primary auditory cortex may respond to different frequencies by using different temporal response patterns; namely, different frequencies may be encoded during different time intervals. More, the present data imply the capability that a neuron in the primary auditory cortex may facilitatively respond to a complicated sound composed of sequentially presented different frequencies, such as speech sounds and natural sounds. Relationships between unit activities and the auditory evoked responses, including the auditory evoked neuromagnetic field, will be also discussed.
  • Takao Tokioka
    Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica
    1973年 50 巻 2-3 号 133-182
    発行日: 1973/08/25
    公開日: 2012/09/24
    ジャーナル フリー
    1982年 46 巻 6 号 641-643
    発行日: 1982/06/20
    公開日: 2008/04/14
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 石田 彩, 秦 雄一郎, 玉置 幸雄, 久永 豊, 石川 博之, 木下 浩二, 大慈弥 裕之
    2010年 35 巻 1 号 1-8
    発行日: 2010/04/25
    公開日: 2012/03/07
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  • Keiji TAKAMI, Akira SAKURAI, Fumio MUKAI, Takashi YAMADORI
    Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica
    1993年 70 巻 2-3 号 59-61
    発行日: 1993/08/20
    公開日: 2012/09/24
    ジャーナル フリー
    By means of a rubbed copy method using India ink and an image-analysis system (IBAS 2000), the areas of 106left-right plana temporalia were compared using fixed brains of both sexes. The left planum was of a larger size than the right planum in two-thirds of the cases. This result was confirmed statistically by the least-squares analysis of variance method (p<0.01).
  • Toshihiro TAKAMI, Toru YAMAGATA, Kenji OHATA
    Neurologia medico-chirurgica
    2013年 53 巻 12 号 920-927
    発行日: 2013年
    公開日: 2013/12/25
    [早期公開] 公開日: 2013/10/29
    ジャーナル オープンアクセス
    Posterolateral sulcus (PLS) approach of the spinal cord, being equivalent to the dorsal root entry zone myelotomy, may offer the satisfactory exposure of the spinal intramedullary tumor if applied appropriately. Eight consecutive patients with spinal intramedullary tumors of lateral location underwent the surgery of PLS approach in our institute. There were 6 male and 2 female patients, ranging in age from 34 to 72 years (mean, 57 years). PLS approach was indicated for the intramedullary tumor situated laterally in the spinal cord and that do not contact the posterior or lateral surfaces on magnetic resonance (MR) images before surgery. Total removal of the tumor was achieved in 6 cases except of 2 cases of anaplastic astrocytoma. All 6 patients with total removal of the tumor demonstrated the modest or mild deterioration of motor function on the approach side early after surgery, which resolved within 1 month after surgery. Average grade of the modified McCormick functional schema was 3.5 before surgery and improved to 3.0 at 3 months after surgery. These 6 patients demonstrated satisfactory pain relief early after surgery. Average grade of the sensory pain scale was 2.7 before surgery and improved to 1.7 at 3 months after surgery. PLS approach can be one of the surgical choices to the spinal intramedullary tumors, if applied appropriately. Better indication for PLS approach may be the tumors of the uneven location within the spinal cord associated with moderate or severe local pain.
  • Sadullah BAHAR, Emrullah EKEN, Emrah SUR
    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
    2006年 68 巻 6 号 533-536
    発行日: 2006年
    公開日: 2006/07/05
    ジャーナル フリー
    This study was carried out to describe morphologically and morphometrically the hypoglossal dorsal root and its ganglia, using heads of 20 adult Holstein cattle of both sexes. The dorsal root of the hypoglossal nerve (XII) has always an evident dorsal root ganglion (DRG) including the accessory in 30% (6 of heads) or satellite ganglia in 10% (2 of heads). There were statistically significant differences between the lengths (right: 8.64 ± 0.22 mm, left: 7.91 ± 0.31 mm, p<0.01) of peripheral roots of the DRG in male. Statistical significance existed in the lengths (right: 7.01 ± 0.43, left: 8.27 ± 0.47, p<0.05) of the central roots of the DRG in male. Since the histological findings showed that each ganglion placed on the dorsal root of the XII had the general feature of a spinal ganglion, it can be said that the XII has the intracranial peripheral (sensory) fibers and carry directly sensory input to the brain stem. In conclusion, the present study is the first to reveal the morphology of the hypoglossal dorsal root with ganglia in Holstein cattle.
  • Makiko OZAWA, James K. CHAMBERS, Kazuyuki UCHIDA, Hiroyuki NAKAYAMA
    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science
    2016年 78 巻 6 号 997-1006
    発行日: 2016年
    公開日: 2016/07/01
    [早期公開] 公開日: 2016/02/27
    ジャーナル フリー
    Canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) is a syndrome that manifests itself in abnormal behaviors, such as disorientation and wandering. β-amyloid deposition in the brain, including the senile plaque (SP) and cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA), has been suggested as a major cause of the syndrome. However, the pathological significance of β-amyloid deposition in CCD dogs remains unclear. The present study was conducted using 16 dogs aged 10 years or older to clarify the relationship between the age-related histopathological lesions, such as β-amyloid deposition, in the brain and the clinical symptoms of CCD as evaluated in a questionnaire previously established in a large survey. In addition, age-related brain lesions were assessed in 37 dogs. The pathological lesions were evaluated by the severity of β-amyloid deposition (SP and CAA), the amount of ubiquitin-positive granules (UBQ), GFAP-positive astrocytes, Iba-1-positive microglia and Nissle stain-positive nerve cells. The results revealed that there was no significant correlation between the severities of canine SP and CCD. The SP increased until 14 years old, but decreased thereafter, although the incidence of CCD is high at these ages. The CAA consistently increased with age, but did not correlate greatly with the CCD score. In contrast, the increases of UBQ, astrocytes and microglia were significantly correlated with CCD. Thus, the impairment in the synapse and/or myelin suggested by increased UBQ and glial activation might be involved in CCD pathogenesis, but β-amyloid deposition, especially SP, is not a direct pathogenic factor of CCD.
  • 三島 克章, 菅原 利夫, 森 悦秀, 南 克浩, 塚本 雄一, 川本 知明, 作田 正義
    1993年 42 巻 1 号 56-63
    発行日: 1993/01/10
    公開日: 2011/09/07
    ジャーナル フリー
    The purpose of this study is to clarify how we can measure and evaluate the palatal changes in cleft lip and palate infants, which have been observed only distance between characteristic points or angles made up with these points on palatal plaster models, with new computer-aided method. Every 1-4 month after birth, palatal plaster models were obtained from 11 unilateral complete cleft lip and palate infants with Hotz type palatal plate (palatal plate), implanted about 20 days after birth. Each model was measured automatically by contact type high accurate three-dimensional coordinate measuring system. Three-dimensional models, displayed as computer graphics and compared by “Best Fit Program”, which can handle and superimpose two curved surfaces data to get the minimum distance in the direction of normal vector between all surface sites, were constructed from aquired data. Lesser segments of palatine with palatal plates were observed movement in the direction of the oral (lower and lateral) side in the frontal view, and rotation to whole palatal changes were shown, and usefulness of this method was indicated.
  • Kayoko Ohtsuki, Masatoshi Ohnishi, Masayuki Yoshida, Hiroko Ichikawa, Takeshi Nakamura, Masahide Tsuji, Tokuo Wakao, Masato Ochiai
    Oral Medicine & Pathology
    2004年 9 巻 4 号 163-168
    発行日: 2004/12/25
    公開日: 2008/04/01
    ジャーナル フリー
    We performed arthroscopic suturing of the articular disc followed by surgical correction of jaw deformity in patients with dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint when jaw deformity was suspected as an underlying cause of temporomandibular disorders. A representative case is presented. A 25-year-old female was treated with arthroscopic disc suturing designed to increase the effective thickness of an anteriorly displaced disc. Sagittal splitting of the mandibular ramus was subsequently performed to improve occlusion. At present, 11 years 8 months after surgery, both facial asymmetry and malocclusion remain improved and temporomandibular joint symptoms have been alleviated.
    Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica
    1982年 58 巻 4-6 号 627-633
    発行日: 1982年
    公開日: 2012/09/24
    ジャーナル フリー
    To determine the difference of size between the cortical speech region in the dominant hemisphere and its corresponding region in the other hemisphere, the planum temporale was measured and compared by means of a rubbed copy method using 50 brains of both sexes. The planum temporale was significantly larger in the left hemisphere than in the right.
  • 松田 好弘, 佐々木 和夫, 水野 昇
    The Japanese Journal of Physiology
    1972年 22 巻 6 号 651-666
    発行日: 1972年
    公開日: 2011/06/07
    ジャーナル フリー
    1) Augmenting and recruiting responses in the sensory cortices were examined by means of laminar field potential analysis in the cortices. These responses were characterized and interpreted as follows: Augmenting responses are a deep thalamocortical (T-C) response followed by a superficial T-C response and recruiting responses are a pure form of superficial T-C response, deep and superficial T-C responses being two elementary components constituting various cortical responses induced by thalamic stimulation (see SASAKI et al., 1970).
    2) Long-latency surface-negative potentials elicited in the somatosensory cortex (posterior sigmoid gyrus) by repetitive stimulation of the intralaminar thalamic nuclei were not due to recruiting responses actually generated in this area but attributable to the responses evoked in the underlying hidden cortex. Similar situations to those in the somatosensory cortex hold for “recruiting responses” recorded on the surface of the visual and auditory areas, i. e., the responses in the lateral and the ectosylvian gyri were assignable to activities generated in the underlying or neighboring hidden cortex.
    3) Repetitive stimulation of the thalamic sensory relay nuclei given at a low frequency failed to evoke the augmenting response in the respective cortical sensory areas. It induced in some cases incremental responses in the sensory areas of the cortex; the depth profiles in the cortex were not in accord with the characteristic feature of the augmenting response in the anterior sigmoid gyrus.
    4) The absence of superficial T-C responses in the form of recruiting responses as well as a component of augmenting responses in the sensory cortices suggests that there is little or no thalamocortical projection system for the superficial T-C response ending in these cortices.
  • Sergei I. GOLOVATCH, Elena V. MIKHALJOVA, 田辺 力
    1995年 53 巻 71-80
    発行日: 1995/06/25
    公開日: 2018/03/30
    ジャーナル フリー
    東アジアに産するモリヤスデ属Haplogonosoma BROLEMANNについて分類学的検討を行ない,以下の結論を得た.Sphalmatogonus JEEKELはモリヤスデ属のシノニムである.モリヤスデ属は本州中部から国後島,千島列島にかけて分布するムツモリヤスデH.implicatum BROLEMANN,1916と,少なくとも九州およびスマトラ(?)に分布するモリヤスデH.silvestre TAKAKUWA,1942の2種から構成される.フタマタモリヤスデH.silvestre dichotomum TAKAKUWA,1942およびS.carli JEEKEL,1980はモリヤスデのシノニムである.また,モリヤスデ属の族の所属を検討した.
  • Kazuhiko Shoumura
    Okajimas Folia Anatomica Japonica
    1973年 50 巻 1 号 27-47
    発行日: 1973/05/25
    公開日: 2012/09/24
    ジャーナル フリー
    Cortical projections of t h e dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (LGNd) and several other related thalamic nuclei, posterior nucleus (PN) and posterior lateral nucleus (LP) of cats were studied using the Nauta impregnation method. LGNd is not a unitary structure but a complex of nuclei consisting of two major structural elements, main laminae (A, Al and B) and interlaminar nuclei (NIC and NIM). Main laminae project mainly to area 17, while interlaminar nuclei are linked primarily to area 18, and thus the geniculo-cortical system is organized in a dual manner. LGNd also projects to the banks of the middle and posterior suprasylvian sulci in a topographically organized manner. PN projects to both areas 18 and 19, and LP s ends fibers to the banks of the middle and posterior suprasylvian sulci. Thus, this region of cerebral cortex receives projections from both LGNd and LP.
  • Mark W. Greenlee
    2016年 35 巻 1 号 54-58
    発行日: 2016/09/30
    公開日: 2016/10/25
    ジャーナル フリー

    Since the advent of functional magnetic resonance imaging cognitive science has experienced a turn towards neuroscience. Models of perceptual and cognitive functions can now be tested against patterns of human brain activity in anatomically well-defined regions of interest. Structural and functional connectivity analyses can inform us about how different brain regions are interconnected and interact in perceptual and cognitive tasks, as well as during resting states. In this study I review the results of a series of experiments that aimed to reveal the visual-vestibular sensory processing underlying self-motion perception. We (Frank, Baumann, Mattingley, & Greenlee, 2014; Frank, Wirth, & Greenlee, 2016) localized regions in the posterior insula using fMRI with visual and vestibular stimuli. The results suggest that two areas in this part of the brain are involved in self-motion perception: the parieto-insular vestibular cortex (PIVC) for the processing of vestibular information and posterior insular cortex (PIC) for the integration of visual and vestibular information. The results suggest that these two regions play different roles in the integration of visual and vestibular cues related to self-motion perception.

  • 谷野 定之, 松本 のぞみ, 宮尾 益知, 柳沢 正義, 鴨下 重彦, 伊東 紘一
    1982年 14 巻 5 号 497-503
    発行日: 1982/09/01
    公開日: 2011/08/10
    ジャーナル フリー
    我々は5MHz機械式セクタースキャナを用い, 大泉門をacoustic windowとして, 超音波断層法による頭蓋内構造物の観察を行った.
    1. 本法は完全な鎮静を必要とせず, 非侵襲的に画像を観察しながら施行できる.
    2. 本法断層像の表示は冠状断面 (coronal section) では画面の右を患者の右側とし, 矢状断面 (sagittal section) では画面の右を患者の前頭方向とした.また8つの基準断層面を設定した.
    3. 本法断層像において, 脳室, 脈絡叢や視床, レンズ核, 脳幹, 小脳などの描出が可能で, それぞれ特徴的な所見を示した.
  • Aki Nishiura, Keiko Sugino, Kenzo Oishi, Takashi Kuroda, Kazuhide Fukuchi, Emiko Nagaki, Yuki Nagata, Takuji Iida, Kaoru Inami, Hidetoshi Morikuni, Maya Nagaie, Hiroki Rensha, Toshiyuki Kambara, Naoyuki Matsumoto
    Journal of Osaka Dental University
    2012年 46 巻 1 号 201-206
    発行日: 2012年
    公開日: 2017/01/05
    ジャーナル フリー
    We report the morphological alveolar changes in 10 patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate after pre-surgical orthopedic treatment. Plaster casts of the maxilla made at the initial examination and just before cheiloplasty were measured and analyzed using a VIVID-910 three-dimensional laser scanner (Minolta Co., Tokyo, Japan). The pre-surgical orthopedic treatment was based on the method of Hirakawa et al. whereby a palatal plate is used prior to cheiloplasty. The palatal plates were placed for an average of 99 days.
    Use of the palatal plate reduced the alveolar cleft in all 10 cases. The major segment and minor segment cleft side stumps were moved toward the alveolar cleft, reducing the distance between the stumps (B-B') significantly. In addition, because the distance between the medial surfaces of both segments (C-C'1) was significantly reduced, it appeared that bone apposition was occurring toward the cleft palate site in the anterior region of the alveolar arch. The fact that the distance between the bilateral maxillary tuberosities (T-T') and the distance between the regions corresponding to the deciduous molar eruption (D-D') increased significantly suggests that the palatal plate did not inhibit growth in the maxillary alveolus.
    .The above suggests that pre-surgical orthopedic treatment using a palatal plate does not inhibit lateral growth in either segment. It also suggests that narrowing of the alveolar cleft width occurs by medially induced growth and that narrowing of the cleft alveolar site and cleft palate site are caused by medial bone apposition in the alveolar site.
  • Takashi Toda, Haruhide Hayashi
    Journal of Oral Biosciences
    2010年 52 巻 4 号 365-370
    発行日: 2010年
    公開日: 2010/12/24
    ジャーナル 認証あり
    The first somatosensory cortex (SI) of primates is located in the postcentral gyrus of the parietal lobe. The orofacial structures are represented most laterally in SI. The inspection of neuronal properties there should lead to understanding of the neural basis that underlie dexterous orofacial functions, such as speech, mastication, manipulation of objects, and oral stereognosis. In the orofacial representation of SI, a substantial number of neurons have unique receptive fields (RFs) resulting from the spatiotemporal integration of converging somesthetic inputs. The relative incidences of those unique neurons increase on moving caudally from area 3 towards area 2. A neural process that binds spatiotemporal information arising from functionally-related portions might enable the brain to monitor the movement of objects in contact with orofacial structures or the kinematic trajectory of orofacial structures themselves. On the other hand, the modular organization of the neocortex is a widely documented concept, in which neural connectivity, composed of nearby cortical neurons, is considered to be the functional unit of integration. From this viewpoint, studies are needed to compare physiological properties among neurons localized in a small region of the orofacial representation. As for the RF extension, a small but substantial proportion of the pairs of nearby neurons are associated with discrete but functionally-related oral portions of different structures. As for the temporal aspects, a study is now underway in our laboratory to reveal the temporal relation between the activities of nearby neurons during sustained natural stimuli.
  • Ken-Ichi Hayashi, Jung Nyun Kim
    Fisheries science
    1998年 64 巻 5 号 711-714
    発行日: 1998年
    公開日: 2008/06/30
    ジャーナル フリー
    In spite of its ecological and commercial significance, the taxonomy of the Crangon affinis complex has been much confused and requires a thorough revision. The specimens from Japanese waters which were previously referred to C. affinis or other closely related taxa have been reexamined. The type material of C. affinis is no longer extant, and a specimen from Yokosuka, Japan, referred to C. vulgaris by Bate (1888), has been selected as a neotype of C. affinis. It has been shown that C. consobrinus De Man is a junior subjective synonym of C. affinis. As a first step for a revision of Crangon in Far Eastern seas, the neotype is described in detail with figures.
  • Ishak Bin Aris, Siti Munirah Mohamad Yusof, Seyedeh Niousha Mousavi, Haider Hussein Ali, Ratna Kalos Zakiah Sahbudin
    2018年 138 巻 2 号 90-93
    発行日: 2018/02/01
    公開日: 2018/02/01
    ジャーナル 認証あり

    In this paper, the design and implementation of wireless data transmission and low power consumption of a low cost electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor the brainwave signals for medical and non-medical applications is presented. It can be used in smart city applications such as for brain-computer interface in industrial and transportation applications or intelligent wireless wearable EEG solutions for daily life applications. The wireless EEG wearable system is designed, simulated, constructed and tested to monitor the brainwave signals. The Zigbee module was used to construct the wireless data transmission system. The experimental results show that the proposed EEG system was successfully developed and tested. Its total coast is cheaper compared to the commercial EEG system.