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  • 行動医学研究
    2001年 8 巻 Supplement 号 S27
    発行日: 2001年
    公開日: 2014/07/03
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  • 奥野 元子
    2013年 22 巻 1 号 19-31
    発行日: 2013/06/25
    公開日: 2018/03/01
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    The purpose of this paper is to review the Research on meditation practices affecting stress-related diseases. We conducted computer searches of research on meditation over the last 30 years (1979-2009), in PubMed and Japan Medical Abstracts, limiting meditation to Transcendental Meditation (TM), Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), and Zen Meditation (ZM), and their efficacy in stress-related diseases such as cancer and circulatory disease. We identified 69 studies documenting effects of meditation on stress-related disease over this 30-year period. TM significantly reduced in blood pressure, alleviating hypertension and cardiovascular disease. MBSR improved immune functions and patient quality of life, and reduced chronic pain symptoms. ZM stabilized the autonomic nervous system. The results indicate that the three meditation practices can prevent or alleviate symptoms of stress-related diseases. These effects should be utilized in health promotion.
  • Sanae FUKUDA, Kanehisa MORIMOTO
    Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine
    2001年 6 巻 1 号 9-14
    発行日: 2001年
    公開日: 2001/06/02
    ジャーナル フリー
    The incidences of diseases related to mental stress are increasing in Japan. Mental stress, unacknowledged for long periods, has been shown to lead to the development of a number of diseases. Thus, an index for mental stress is important to induce awareness of its presence. We focused on the relationship between cortisol and mental stress in this review. We will discuss both the usefulness and problems of cortisol as a mental stress index by summarizing the relationship between cortisol and mental stress. The present findings suggested that cortisol appears to be an adequate index for mental stress. However, there are several problems; the present group clarifies these problems and builds the comprehensive mental stress assessment systems by using saliva samples.
  • Singh A.N.
    1993年 33 巻 Abs 号 6-7
    発行日: 1993/05/17
    公開日: 2017/08/01
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  • Andris K. Tebecis, 池見 酉次郎
    1977年 17 巻 4 号 256-263
    発行日: 1977/08/01
    公開日: 2017/08/01
    ジャーナル フリー
    わが国の心身医学の黎明期に, 一つの有力な方法として, 催眠法が注目され, 本法による特殊な意識状態に対して, 催眠性トランスという表現がよく用いられたものである。今日では, 催眠は, 心身医学の領域でも, しだいに忘れられつつあるが, 近年米国を中心にしてASC(altered state of consciousness)に関する科学的な研究が, しだいに活発化してきている。ASCというのは, 催眠性トランスのみでなく, 自律訓練法, TM(超越的瞑想), 禅やヨーガなどによる特殊な意識状態を包括する表現である。このASCが, 生理的なホメオスターシスや心理的なセルフ・コントロールの回復にもつ意味の大きいことが, 国際的に注目されるようになり, これが, 今日, 海外で禅やヨーガなどの東洋的なアプローチが, 人気をよんでいる主な理由でもある。この特別講演で, A.K. Tebecisは, 今日までに開発されているASCについての生理学的なデータを, 最新の知見を組み入れて, 手際よくまとめている。なにしろ, 人間の最高度の精神生理学的な営みを, 科学的に探ろうとするものであり, その方法は, きわめて限られたものであり, その研究成績も、きわめて初歩的な段階のものであることは, 彼が強調しているとおりである。とにかく, ASCのベースをなすものは, trophotropic(走養素性)と呼ばれる状態であり, これが, 心身両面でのホメオスターシスを促すものであることは, 諸種のデータによって, ほぼ類推されるところである。ところが, 自律訓練法, TM, 禅やヨーガにおけるASCの究極の姿として, "meditative concentration", "restful alterness", "relaxed awareness with steady responsiveness", "feeling of great bliss"などとよばれる状態は, 単なるtrophotropicな状態をこえたものである。ここにおいて, 人間のbodyとmindをこえた, フランクルなどのいうspiritとしての精神機能が発現することが, その道の専門家たちによって示唆されており, Tebecisも同じ意見のようである。そこで, 彼は本講演の結びの言葉として, 心身医学は, boryとmindだけでなく, spiritをも包括する学問でなければならないと提言している。しかも, このspiritは, 客体を分析するといった科学的アプローチによってではなく, 研究者が自ら主体的に体験することによってのみ, 真に理解されるものであると述べている。本稿は医学的療法としての自律訓練法と禅, ヨーガなどとの関連をふまえて, この種の療法の基本的メカニズムの理解を助け, 心身医学の研究に一つの新しい示唆を与えるものとして興味深い。Tebecisは, もともとオーストラリアのキャンベラ国立大学で脳の伝達物質の研究をしていた神経生理学者である。それがふとしたことから, ASCの研究に興味をいだくようになり, A. Mearesのすすめで, 九大心療内科に留学すること(日本学術振興会の交換研究員)になったものである。(九大 池見)
  • 八木 昭宏, 口ノ町 康夫, 児玉 広之
    1976年 4 巻 40-42
    発行日: 1976年
    公開日: 2017/05/23
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  • 原野 広太郎, 江川 〓成, 小玉 正博
    1976年 4 巻 38-40
    発行日: 1976年
    公開日: 2017/05/23
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  • Tsun-Cheng Kuo, Feng-Ming Ho, Chii-Wann Lin
    Journal of Health Science
    2003年 49 巻 4 号 278-284
    発行日: 2003年
    公開日: 2003/08/01
    ジャーナル フリー
    Qigong is a method adopted by many people for their health maintenance and therapy at present. But up to this day, there is still no detailed conclusion as to the physiological state of Qigong or how to define it. This study tries to explore and provide a definition for Qigong state. The subject applied Neiyang Gong to enter Qigong state. We used a multifunctional physiological recorder to record the difference of various physiological parameters before and after entering Qigong state. The results showed that when the subject entered Qigong, the alpha brain wave at the left forehead of the cerebrum was concentrated. Temperature of the left palm rose extensively. There were large fluctuations in the electromyogram (EMG) base line of the left hand dorsum. Finger pulse amplitude (FPA) pulse appeared very frequent and the amplitude increased. Skin conductance level (SCL), increased evidently. These physiological parameter variations showed that the subject is under a certain emotional state. Also, exploration of the three characteristics of Qigong showed that Qigong should be a kind of emotional state: we can see that there were several kinds of reactionary methods in the behavioral reactions of Qigong, some people can enter Qigong state in an instant, and after having learnt certain methods and having entered Qigong state, it becomes easier to enter Qigong emotional state continuingly. By understanding the mechanical system of Qigong, we are able to develop a Qigong method that is more effective to physical health maintenance.
  • 南澤 汎美, 見籐 隆子
    1991年 11 巻 3 号 174-175
    発行日: 1991年
    公開日: 2012/10/29
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  • Ramesh MANOCHA, Deborah BLACK, David SPIRO, Jake RYAN, Con STOUGH
    2010年 28 巻 1 号 23-30
    発行日: 2010/03/01
    公開日: 2018/12/18
    ジャーナル フリー
    [Objectives] Until very recently, the U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) defined meditation as "a conscious mental process that induces a set of integrated physiological changes termed the relaxation response". Recently the NCCAM appears to have reviewed its understanding of meditation, by including a new central feature: "In meditation, a person learns to focus his attention and suspend the stream of thoughts that normally occupy the mind", indicating a shift from a physiological ("relaxation-response") to an experiential (suspension of thinking activity) definition, more in line with traditional eastern understandings. We explore the physiological implications of this paradigmatic shift. [Design] A controlled, observational study. of acute physiological changes. N=26. Participants were asked to either meditate or rest for 10 minutes. [Settings/Location] A temperature controlled room at Swinburne University's Psychophysiology Laboratory, Melbourne. [Subjects] 16 meditators proficient at a mental silence orientated form of meditation (Sahaja yoga, SYM) and 10 non-meditators with an interest in meditation. [Interventions] A mental silence orientated form of meditation (Sahaja yoga, SYM) was compared to rest. [Outcome Measures] Palmar skin temperature and heart rate. [Results] Throughout the meditation period mean ST of the SYM group decreased while that of the Rest group increased. After ten minutes of meditation, 13 of the 16 meditators manifested a reduction in ST compared to baseline whereas 7 of the 10 participants in the control group manifested an increase compared to baseline. Chi-Square tests showed that the difference between the two groups was significant (p=.003). Heart rate changes however did not differ between the two groups. [Conclusions] The study suggests that the experience of mental silence and rest are not psychophysiologically identical despite the fact that they are overtly similar. Implications of this, and need for further evaluation, are discussed.
  • Guiyuan ZOU, Xiuying SHEN, Xiaohong TIAN, Chunqin LIU, Guopeng LI, Linghua KONG, Ping LI
    Industrial Health
    2016年 54 巻 5 号 389-395
    発行日: 2016/09/30
    公開日: 2016/10/08
    [早期公開] 公開日: 2016/03/25
    ジャーナル フリー

    The present survey investigated the association between resilience, burnout and psychological distress among Chinese female nurses. A total of 366 female nurses were enrolled in our study. A series of self-reported questionnaires that dispose of the following constructs: psychological distress, burnout, and resilience were estimated. The hierarchical linear regression models were used to evaluate the mediating effect of resilience on the relationship between burnout and psychological distress. Results of the survey showed 85.5% nurses experienced psychological distress. Resilience was negatively related to psychological distress and burnout whereas burnout was positively associated with psychological distress. Mediation analysis revealed that resilience could partially mediate the relationship between the dimensions of emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and psychological distress. This study highlights the mediator of resilience between burnout and psychological distress of female nurses. As such, interventions that attend to resilience training may be the focus for future clinical and research endeavors.

  • 加瀬澤 雅人
    2005年 2004 巻 16 号 85-110
    発行日: 2005/02/28
    公開日: 2011/08/17
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  • 竹林 直紀
    2009年 36 巻 1 号 1-2
    発行日: 2009/04/25
    公開日: 2017/05/23
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  • 大島 正光
    1981年 17 巻 3 号 101-105
    発行日: 1981/06/15
    公開日: 2010/03/11
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  • Amornpan Ajjimaporn, Sunisa Rachiwong, Vorasith Siripornpanich
    Journal of Physical Therapy Science
    2018年 30 巻 9 号 1187-1192
    発行日: 2018年
    公開日: 2018/09/04
    ジャーナル フリー

    [Purpose] We examined the effects of Hatha yoga on EEG and ERP in patients with physical disability-related stress. [Participants and Methods] Eighteen male and female injured workers with high stress levels, aged between 18 to 55 years, were evenly divided into two groups: untrained (CG) and trained (TG) modified hatha yoga groups. A modified Hatha yoga protocol was designed for this population by two certified yoga instructors, approved by a physical therapist, and conducted for one hour, three times weekly for 8 weeks. [Results] The results indicated a significant increase in alpha EEG activity over the frontal, central, and parietal electrodes and the delta EEG activity over the centroparietal electrode from pre- to post-training in TG. In addition, significantly faster auditory reaction time for target stimuli, as well as lower P300 peak latency of ERP in auditory oddball paradigm were obtained in TG after 8 weeks of yoga training compare to CG. [Conclusion] Changes in brain activity and ERP components following yoga training would support the psychophysiological effects of hatha yoga as an adjunct to routine rehabilitation.

  • Hazem Doufesh, Fatimah Ibrahim, Noor Azina Ismail, Wan Azman Wan Ahmad
    Journal of Physical Therapy Science
    2013年 25 巻 2 号 211-214
    発行日: 2013年
    公開日: 2013/03/22
    ジャーナル フリー
    [Purpose] This study reports the effects of the Muslim prayer, known as Salat, on heart rate (HR) and blood pressure (BP) while performing and miming the actions of Salat: standing, bowing, prostrating and sitting. [Subjects] Thirty Muslim subjects were asked to perform the actual and mime Salat. [Methods] HR and BP were measured using a Schiller AT-102 Electrocardiograph and an Omron SEM-1 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor. [Results] The findings revealed that there was a significant difference in the HR of the subjects between performing and miming Salat. The standing and prostration positions of Salat produced the highest and the lowest HR, respectively. A lower HR may be of potential benefit to an individual’s health. The systolic and the diastolic BP decreased significantly after performance and mime of Salat, and a greater reduction in BP was observed during performance of Salat. [Conclusion] This is the first study of HR and BP in relation to Salat positions. The findings will encourage further studies to explore the benefits of Salat maneuvers for patients with cardiovascular diseases.
  • 富田 小百合, 池見 陽, 林田 嘉朗
    Japanese Psychological Research
    1995年 37 巻 1 号 13-20
    発行日: 1995/02/21
    公開日: 2009/02/24
    ジャーナル フリー
    Two experiments were conducted in this study. First, the relation of reaction time (RT), and respiration rate to contingent negative variation (CNV) amplitude during a relaxation by the self-regulation method (SRM) were examined in 9 healthy subjects who had practiced SRM for 5 weeks. CNV amplitudes were reduced during SRM in both CNVs associated with the fastest and slowest RTs. The respiration rate decreased during SRM compared to before and after SRM condition. The CNV amplitude decreased along with the respiration rate. Secondly, the effect of the voluntarily change in the respiration rate on CNV amplitude was studied in 7 subjects who had not mastered SRM. The CNV amplitude also decreased with the respiration rate. These results suggest that the CNV amplitude reduction during SRM could be associated with the effects of the respiration rate. but not with RT.
  • 国際生命情報科学会誌
    2008年 26 巻 2 号 190-
    発行日: 2008年
    公開日: 2018/10/31
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  • 松浦 雅人
    2014年 25 巻 4 号 191-195
    発行日: 2014年
    公開日: 2017/02/16
    ジャーナル オープンアクセス
    1929 年に Hans Berger はヒトの頭皮上から記録した脳波を初めて報告し,安静状態でもα波が絶えず振動していることから脳が常に活動し続けていると述べたが,その後α波は脳が休息している idle rhythm にすぎないと考えられるようになった。2001 年に Reichle らは安静状態で内側前頭葉や内側頭頂葉のエネルギー代謝が増大していることを指摘し,デフォールト・モード神経回路(DMN)と呼んだ。DMN は目的志向性の課題遂行中には活動が抑制され,外部刺激から解放され内的思考に従事しているときに活性化する。α波は安静時に増強することから DMN の電気生理学的指標と考えられるが,異なった神経活動が複合した振動現象であることから,どのようなα波の性質が DMN 機能を反映するかについては精緻な解析によってさらなる研究が必要である。最近は各種の精神神経疾患で相次いで DMN 障害が報告されつつあり,その機能は脳ネットワーク全体の挙動に関する根本的なものと考えられる。α波はさまざまな状況で容易に記録できることから,いまだ十分にわかっていないDMN 機能の解明に有用な武器になると考えられる。
  • 田口 文人, 遠藤 雅人, 桃生 寛和, 杉田 敬, 村中 一文, 鈴木 仁一
    1984年 24 巻 4 号 318-325
    発行日: 1984年
    公開日: 2017/08/01
    ジャーナル フリー