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  • Mitsuaki Okada, Ken-ichiro Kasamura, Takahisa Fukuhara, Masato Mio, Mika Toyota, Mutsuo Yamauchi
    Prosthodontic Research & Practice
    2008年 7 巻 2 号 144-146
    発行日: 2008年
    公開日: 2008/11/05
    ジャーナル 認証あり
    This study investigated the present status of specialized dental treatment that was sought on the Internet by people in Japan and the United States. Searches on Yahoo! Japan and Yahoo! America were performed using “dental clinic” and specific specialties, for example, sports dentistry, orthodontics, periodontics, dental implant, as keywords. The magnitude of search results progressed in the order of sports dentistry, orthodontics, dental implant, and others in Japan. In the United States, the order of search results was oral surgery, sports dentistry, dental implant, and others. Regarding combinations of specialties, the most frequent found combination was dental implant and cosmetic dentistry in Japan. In the United States, it was a combination of cosmetic dentistry and sports dentistry. These findings showed that people were frequently interested in sports dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in both countries. It is necessary to display these specialties on the dental clinic homepage in order to attract the interest of potentials in both countries.
  • 長棟 研人, 大西 謙吾, 斉藤 之男
    2014年 2014 巻 J0220204
    発行日: 2014/09/07
    公開日: 2017/06/19
    会議録・要旨集 フリー
    The goal of this research project is to investigate the relation of central nervous system and body balance function by testing the postural maintenance performance of a knock-out mouse. In the development of the prototype mouse stabilometer system, postural maintenance performance was evaluated and analyzed by measuring the variance of the stress on the pillar with strain gauges. However, with the stage swinging during measurement, the evaluated signal is affected by the inertia of the stage, and requires repeated trials to gain determinate data. Furthermore, without gaining the data on actual body mass movement, the relation of brain function and posture control remains non-committal. Therefore, the technical target is set to compute the center of gravity by applying a mechanical system model of the mouse and device to evaluate the postural maintenance performance. As to improve the prototype device to measure the amplified strain gauge signal with the A-D converter, the design of the pillar was adjusted to maximize the variance within the measurement range of the converter. The influence is simulated and the Center-of-Mass & Strain-gauge distance and Stage-surface & & Strain-gauge distance were modified.
  • Shin-ichi KONDO, Isao HATAKEYAMA, Shouichi HOSAKA, Masayuki KUZUYA
    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
    2000年 48 巻 12 号 1882-1885
    発行日: 2000/12/01
    公開日: 2008/03/31
    ジャーナル フリー
    From the standpoint of the mechanism of mechanochemical polymerization, two kinds of copolymeric prodrug, whose monomer sequence distribution (MSD) is different from each other, can be prepared by this polymerization under appropriate operational conditions : one is a random copolymer abundant in the longer block consisting of the same repeating units (multi-block copolymer), and the other is a block copolymer. To confirm the difference of MSD, the 13C-NMR spectra of poly(acrylamide-co-sodium acrylate) prepared by mechanochemical polymerization were measured and compared with the spectrum of that synthesized by a conventional radical-initiated solution polymerization, which produces the random copolymer normally. The results show that MSD in copolymers depends on the polymerization method (operational condition). We prepared three kinds of copolymeric prodrug consisting of acrylamide and vinyl monomer of 5-fluorouracil, whose MSD is different from one another. These copolymeric prodrugs had almost the same number average molecular weight, particle diameter and composition, and differed only in MSD. We compared the rate of drug release of these copolymeric prodrugs. The rate of drug release was the highest with the random copolymer, followed by the mechanochemically produced multi-block copolymer and the block copolymer. This result suggests that the rate of drug release depends on MSD of copolymeric prodrugs. These results are useful as they give a fundamental insight into the synthesis of copolymeric prodrugs having the desired rate of drug release.
  • Shin-ichi Kondo, Shouichi Hosaka, Yasushi Sasai, Masayuki Kuzuya
    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
    2004年 52 巻 11 号 1302-1306
    発行日: 2004年
    公開日: 2004/11/01
    ジャーナル フリー
    We discuss here the effect of water-insoluble pharmaceutical aids on the nature of drug release from composite polymeric prodrugs synthesized by mechanochemical solid-state polymerization. Magnesium stearate (Mgst) and hydrogen castor oil (HCO) were used as water-insoluble pharmaceutical aids. Composite polymeric prodrugs were synthesized by the mechanochemical solid-state polymerization of a vinyl monomer of 5-fluorouracil (I) in the presence of Mgst or HCO. The molecular weight of the resulting polymeric prodrugs increased with increasing the content of Mgst or HCO. Prodrug hydrolysis was carried out in a heterogeneous system in phosphate buffer at pH 6.8 and 37 °C. The rate of drug release from the composite polymeric prodrug containing Mgst (Poly-Mgst) was faster than that from polymeric prodrug containing no pharmaceutical aids (Poly-Non), while hydrolysis of the composite polymeric prodrug containing HCO (Poly-HCO) was slower than Poly-Non. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) photos showed the surface of Poly-HCO was smoother than that of Poly-Non and Poly-Mgst. It was suggested that the slower drug release from Poly-HCO may be responsible for the smaller specific surface area than that of Poly-Non. It was also shown that the rate of drug release from the composite polymeric prodrugs decreases with increasing the content of Mgst or HCO. Hence, novel composite polymeric prodrugs with a variety of drug release rates can be prepared by mechanochemical solid-state polymerization in a totally dry process.
  • 杉原 敏道, 郷 貴大, 三島 誠一
    2005年 20 巻 1 号 49-52
    発行日: 2005年
    公開日: 2005/06/30
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 杉原 敏道, 郷 貴大, 高橋 玲子, 三島 誠一, 武田 貴好, 有馬 慶美
    2004年 19 巻 2 号 75-79
    発行日: 2004年
    公開日: 2004/06/12
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 小矢 美晴, 溝尻 勳
    2004年 124 巻 10 号 2051-2056
    発行日: 2004年
    公開日: 2005/01/01
    ジャーナル フリー
    The arteriosclerosis is on the increase with an aging or change of our living environment. For that reason, diagnosis of the common carotid artery using echocardiogram is doing to take precautions carebropathy. The arteriosclerosis of the common carotid artery is diagnosed using Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) which is obtained from echocardiogram. In order to measure IMT from echocardiogram, it is required to detect a border which is a boundary between vessel tissue layers. The method of border detection requires reproducibility, high accuracy and high-speed.
    In this paper, we propose the high-accuracy and high-speed detection method by Gauss-Markov estimation. About high-accuracy, it realized by attaching importance to high reliable candidate point of border. And, about high-speed, it realized by calculating matrix only one time.
  • Akira Fujiki, Hidehiko Nagasawa, Masao Sakabe, Kenji Sakurai, Kunihiro Nishida, Koichi Mizumaki, Hiroshi Inoue
    2001年 65 巻 12 号 1047-1051
    発行日: 2001年
    公開日: 2001/11/25
    ジャーナル フリー
    The aim of this study was to use fast Fourier transform analysis to clarify the characteristics of human atrial fibrillation (AF) waves with respect to the duration of AF and the effect of class I antiarrhythmic drugs. Twenty-two patients (10 paroxysmal AF, 12 persistent AF) without organic heart disease were studied by conventional electrophysiological methods. Electrograms were recorded from the right atrial free wall during AF and spectral analysis was performed for 35 s (16 consecutive 4096-ms epochs with 50% overlap) and the fibrillation cycle length (FCL) was calculated from the peak frequency. Mean FCL and SD were determined from 16-epoch data, and the temporal variability of FCL was defined as the SD of FCL. Paroxysmal AF had a longer mean FCL than persistent AF (178 ±26 ms vs 139±16 ms, p<0.001) and AF duration had a significant inverse correlation with mean FCL (r=-0.79, p<0.001). The temporal variability of FCL was significantly greater in paroxysmal AF than in persistent AF (p<0.05) and there was a significant positive correlation between the mean FCL and the temporal variability of FCL (r=0.66, p<0.001). In 8 of 18 patients given a class I antiarrhythmic drug (cibenzoline or procainamide), AF was terminated and in those patients the mean FCLs before administration of class I drugs were significantly greater than in patients without AF termination. With respect to mean FCL before drug administration, conversion occurred in 100% of patients with FCL ≥168 ms and in 17% of those with FCL <168 ms. A longer duration of AF shortens the mean FCL, which is consistent with atrial electrical remodeling. Class I drugs prolong the mean FCL above a critical level and will terminate AF, which can be estimated from the mean FCL before drug administration. (Jpn Circ J 2001; 65: 1047 - 1051)
  • 齋田 正之
    1999年 10 巻 3 号 197-201
    発行日: 1999/05/31
    公開日: 2010/05/31
    ジャーナル フリー
    地球環境を保全し, 持続的経済発展をするための循環型社会の構築に向けた企業の役割として, 環境保全に適合した製品の開発や, 使用済み製品の回収・リサイクルを考えた活動がますます重要になってきている。NECは1991年11月に「NECの環境憲章」を制定し, 環境との調和を経営の最高課題のひとつと位置づけるとともに, 環境保全に適合した製品 (環境配慮型製品) の提供をめざしている。
    環境配慮型製品の開発をさらに加速するとともに, お客様へ製品に関する環境情報を積極的に開示することを目的に, NEC版環境ラベル「エコシンボル」制度を導入した。本稿では, この「エコシンボル」制度の概要と, エコシンボル認定第1号製品となったパソコンの環境配慮型製品開発の取り組み事例を紹介する。
  • 深津 真二, 引地 孝文, 伊藤 康之
    電子情報通信学会 通信ソサイエティマガジン
    2010年 2010 巻 14 号 14_51-14_57
    発行日: 2010/09/01
    公開日: 2011/06/01
    ジャーナル フリー
  • 加藤 陽子, 姫野 龍太郎
    2007年 127 巻 10 号 1719-1725
    発行日: 2007/10/01
    公開日: 2007/10/01
    ジャーナル フリー
    Understanding the shape of an organ is important because it is representative of the condition of an organ in case of diseases affecting it. The intensity and the phase distribution in MRI image are influenced by the system and the object. The influences in the distribution could be changed by the type of the organ. In this paper, we discuss a method that was developed to evaluate the shape of organs in MR images based on the anisotropy in the intensity or phase distribution. First, the entire intensity range or the phase is divided into intervals. The bounding rectangle for the particle, comprising neighboring points in each divided range, is used to recognize the object based on the elongation direction of the rectangle. This method can be applied to images obtained by phase-contrast, gradient-echo, and spin-echo methods. All the results demonstrate the efficiency of this method in recognizing the outline of the object. Moreover, the distribution anisotropy in the object differed from that in its outside. The result would make the method better.
  • 井藤 寛志, 齋藤 洋典, 白石 知子, 山本 裕二
    2007年 14 巻 3 号 425-436
    発行日: 2007年
    公開日: 2009/04/24
    ジャーナル フリー
    Saito and Shiraishi (2002) have reported that people bind live postures together into a series of movements (the binding). They used a cued reconstruction test in which participants were presented a list of seven asymmetrical front postures sequentially presented, after which the participants were asked to reconstruct the order of the presented postures from cued postures printed on a sheet. We conducted two experiments using the cued reconstruction test to investigate the effect of the lifelike quality of postures and the processing based on an egocentric frame of reference on the activation of the binding. We used symmetrical front and back postures with less lifelike quality depicted with three dimensional computer graphics. We manipulated the number of postures (eight postures in Experiment 1, nine and eleven postures in Experiment 2) in the lists of stimuli and the number of joints (1- and 4-step conditions) functioning in the changes in the neighboring postures to vary the difficulty of task both in Experiment 1 and 2. The still pictures of front and back postures were used in Experiment 1, and the still pictures and the animation of back postures were used in Experiment 2. The results of Experiment 1 indicated that the accuracy in the 1 step condition with back postures was higher than the 4 step condition, but not in the front condition. The results of Experiment 2 showed that the accuracy in the still condition with back postures decreased as the number of postures increased from nine to eleven, but not in the animation condition. These results suggest that the decrease in lifelike quality interrupts the activation of the binding with front postures when only observing them without imitation, whereas the observation of back postures elicits the binding due to the ease in using the processing based on an egocentric frame of reference. Furthermore, the observation of sequentially presented postures is involved in forming a motor representation of neighboring postures, whereas the resulting motor representation is different from such motion representation as that shown in the animation.
  • 大森 修, 鈴木 規芳, 佐藤 浩郁, 渡辺 俊介, 佐藤 憲司
    2000年 56 巻 3 号 455-459
    発行日: 2000/03/20
    公開日: 2017/06/30
    ジャーナル フリー
    Congenital dislocation of the hip joint(LCC : luxatio coxae congenita)is the most frequent congenital dislocation. We attempted to carry out computer-aided diagnosis(CAD)of LCC by tracing the x-ray image on the display and measuring the hip joint by computer program. We developed software for CAD with Visual C++6.0, and adopted the algorithms of Hilgenreiner's method and Iino's method in our determination of the measurement. We studied 146 examples of hip joints in infants under 1 year of age to obtain the data. It was found that diagnosis by CAD software was equal to physicians' diagnosis in 3-to 4-month-old infants. The ease of diagnosis by this program was confirmed, and it was concluded that computer-aided diagnostic software may contribute to the diagnosis of LCC.
  • 井上 昭夫, 柳本 干城, 黒川 泰亨
    2000年 15 巻 2 号 155-160
    発行日: 2000/08/15
    公開日: 2017/04/03
    ジャーナル オープンアクセス
  • 小矢 美晴, 溝尻 勳, 松井 清明, 中村 隆志
    2003年 123 巻 10 号 1728-1734
    発行日: 2003年
    公開日: 2004/05/28
    ジャーナル フリー
    The arteriosclerosis is on the increase with an aging or change of our living environment. For that reason, diagnosis of the common carotid artery using echocardiogram is doing to take precautions carebropathy. Up to the present, several methods to measure stiffness parameter of the carotid artery have been proposed. However, they have analyzed at the only one point of common carotid artery.
    In this paper, we propose the method of analysis extended over a wide area of common carotid artery. In order to measure stiffness parameter of common carotid artery from echocardiogram, it is required to detect two border curves which are boundaries between vessel wall and blood. The method is composed of two steps. The first step is the detection of border curves, and the second step is the calculation of stiffness parameter using diameter of common carotid artery. Experimental results show the validity of the proposed method.
  • 中西 穂高
    2014年 16 巻 11-16
    発行日: 2014/07/05
    公開日: 2018/06/11
    研究報告書・技術報告書 フリー
  • 中 正美, 藤原 勝夫, 浅井 仁, 平松 知子
    Health and Behavior Sciences
    2009年 8 巻 1 号 33-38
    発行日: 2009年
    公開日: 2020/06/02
    ジャーナル フリー

      We used a device with high spatial resolution to measure changes in plantar pressure distribution under the metatarsal head while leaning forwards within a positional range where digital pressure did not rapidly increase. Twenty-six healthy individuals moved forwards while standing at uniform velocity by tracking a target spot displayed on a visual monitor in front of them. The center of pressure in the foot in the anteroposterior direction (CoPy) and the plantar pressure distribution were recorded during the tracking task. Positions of the foot and pressure are represented as either relative distance from the heel to the total length of the foot (%FL) or from the medial surface to the width of the foot (%FW). The force exerted on the metatarsal head increased according to the amount of forward lean, and began to decrease at around 65%FL. The mean position of maximal pressure under the metatarsal head in the quiet standing position (QSP) was located slightly posterior to or between the second or third metatarsal head. This position moved 8.3%FW inwards and 1.3%FL forwards when CoPy was moved from QSP to 60%FL position. The metatarsal head was separated into parts of 1st, 2nd-3rd, and 4th-5th. Among them, the increase in maximal force from QSP was the greatest in parts of 2nd-3rd, whereas the rate of change in pressure in each part was the greatest in parts of 1st. These properties of plantar pressure might provide important positional information for postural control while standing.

  • 森山 弘海, 羽田 隆男
    2004年 54 巻 6 号 373-381
    発行日: 2004/02/15
    公開日: 2017/11/01
    ジャーナル フリー
    光ファイバケーブルを一般家庭にまで敷設する計画が進行している.この計画においては, 通常, 電力会社や通信事業者の電柱を利用して幹線をツリー状に敷設する.そして, 幹線上の特定の電柱にクロージャと呼ばれる分岐接続用の機器を設置し, そこから各家庭に支線を敷設する.したがって, 光ファイバケーブルを一般家庭にまで敷設する場合には, クロージャの設置費用, 各家庭への支線敷設費用, 電柱間の幹線敷設費用の総和が最小となるように, 設置するクロージャのタイプの選定, クロージャを設置する電柱の選択, および幹線と支線の敷設方法を同時に計画する問題が発生する.当研究では, この問題のラグランジアン・ヒューリスティック法に基づく近似最適解法を提案する.最初に, この問題を0-1整数計画問題に定式化する.次いで, ナップサック問題と最小木問題を解いてこの問題の下界値を求める方法を示したあと, それを組み込んだこの問題の近似最適解法を提案する.そして最後に, 提案法の有効性を数値実験を通して検証する.