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COUNTER Report services

COUNTER Report services


What is COUNTER?

COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources), launched in 2002, is an international initiative to improve the reliability of online usage statistics. COUNTER aims to ensure that vendor online usage reports are credible, compatible, and consistent. COUNTER achieves this by publishing the Codes of Practice that specify the content, format, delivery mechanisms, and data processing rules for a set of core usage reports that are easily implemented by vendors and easily understood by librarians and others who use them. COUNTER is supported by vendor, intermediary, and librarian communities.
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J-STAGE provides the following reports:

  • Journal Report 1 

    (Total number of successful full-text article download requests by month or by journal)

  • Journal Report 1 GOA 

    (Total number of successful gold open-access article download requests by month or by journal) *

  • Journal Report 2 

    (Total number of access denied cases to the total number of full-text article download requests by month or by journal)

  • Journal Report 5 

    (Year-on-year number of successful full-text article download requests by journals)

  • Consortium Report 1 

    (A combined report for more than two publishers in Journal Report 1) **

  1. To be officially certified by COUNTER, the J-STAGE report has to prove that there is no discrepancy between the data collected at the time of access click test and the data gathered afterwards. Journal Report 1 GOA (JR1 GOA) has not yet been officially certified by the COUNTER project because there was no with articles as gold open access as well as full-text HTML on March 31, 2015, and hence we could not test it.
    However, we have tested and confirmed that there is no discrepancy in JR1 GOA between the access click test data and data gathered afterwards.

  2. ** 

    JST will set up Consortium Report 1 available. Please contact us if you wish to use it at

What kind of report will we receive?

J-STAGE provides a monthly report on the aggregate usage, or the number of PDF downloads, of the COUNTER participating journals* at all the registered IP addresses of your institution**.
The report for each month will be ready for download from the web by the end of the following month, with email alerts***.

  1. Lists of participating journals are available. (J-STAGE titles)

  2. ** 

    Only the person(s) in charge of subscription at universities, laboratories, and other institutions is/are eligible for this service. Individual users are not provided these reports.

  3. *** 

    Please direct enquiries about the accessibility of the report and subscribing institutions to the publisher.

sample report image
Images. The report can be downloaded as a CSV file or an XML file.

How and when should we request for our report?

Please create an account to receive the report through a registration form.
The usage at each institution will be counted from the day of its registration, and a first report will be available by the end of the following month.
In case your IP address changes, please sign in to "J-STAGE COUNTER Report service" to update your account. The usage for the new IP address will be counted from the day of the update.

Refer the list of Journals Participating in J-STAGE COUNTER Report Service [PDF]



I cannot download the COUNTER report. Please help me.


You are not able to download the COUNTER report because of one of the following reasons:

  1. 1) 

    You may not have selected a journal. Please ensure that you specify at least one journal to download the COUNTER report. You can change the settings on "Report Manager".

  2. 2) 

    You may have specified a period for downloading the COUNTER report during which data did not exist. Please ensure that you specify a period after which your COUNTER account was created.


When I choose a journal to download the COUNTER REPORT, the following error message is displayed. "___ search result(s) has/have been found. Search results cannot be displayed because they exceed 100 entries. Please refine your search."


This error message is displayed when the results matching your search query exceed 100. In such a case and as a best practice, specify as many parameters as possible (Title, Publisher, ISSN, Subject Area) to narrow down the search results less than 100.

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