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Clinical Application of Sequential Recording of Auditory Evoked Responses (ARP s)
Ginichiro Ichikawa
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2007 Volume 50 Issue 6 Pages 627-641


ABR-MLR-SVR are all far-field potentials generally recorded at the surface of the head, at the vertex. Each response has a certain characteristics and its recording parameters need different modalities. With the objective of observing the acoustically evoked sequential response pattern from the lower auditory pathway to the so-called auditory cortex, we have been trying conducting logarithmic time-scalerecordings, and our understanding of the clinical evaluation of these recording maneuver is excellent.
Clinically applied data together with the results of some basic researches on sequential recording are demonstrated.
The modalities of ABR-MLR-SVR have been applied to cases of hydrocephalus, several kinds of central lesions, and senile dementia. The results in these cases are also demonstrated.
Wireless recording of SVR in infants is available to obtain information from higher levels of the auditory pathway.
Not only ABR, but also MLR and SVR might yield more precise information concerning hearing, if these responses are re-examined using current sophisticated analyzing devices. Especially, AEPs are effective to estimate the hearing level in infants, objectively and multilaterally.

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