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Temporary free access to selected journals during the COVID-19 pandemic
This page has introduced some journals on J-STAGE that temporarily provided free access to support research and education during the COVID-19 pandemic, but as it has completed its role, it was closed on November 30, 2023.
J-STAGE SDGs Library
The J-STAGE SDGs Library is a collection of articles from J-STAGE containing the key phrase “Sustainable Development Goals”.
Visit the JIPSTI webpage (external site) (external link)for more information.
Journal@rchive STORIES
Journal@rchive STORIES presents a selection of columns on historically notable publications relating to Japanese science and technology. The Journal@rchive project, which began in 2005, created a digital archive of historically important Japanese journals that were previously available only in print. The Journal@rchive is now fully integrated with J-STAGE, so you can browse all the publications on this platform.