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Aurora Kinase of the Red Alga Cyanidioschyzon merolae is Related to Both Mitochondrial Division and Mitotic Spindle Formation
Shoichi KatoYuuta ImotoMio OhnumaTomoko M. MatsunagaHaruko KuroiwaShigeyuki KawanoTsuneyoshi KuroiwaSachihiro Matsunaga
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2011 Volume 76 Issue 4 Pages 455-462


In eukaryotic cells, the Aurora kinase family contributes to the successful progression of mitosis by regulating centrosome maturation, spindle formation, microtubule attachment to kineto­chores, and cytokinesis. A primitive red alga, Cyanidioschyzon merolae, contains a single mitochondrion, which divides just before nuclear division. In this study, we identified a single orthologue of Aurora kinase in C. merolae, which was designated CmAUR. Analysis of the dynamics during mitosis of CmAUR fused with the green fluorescent protein showed CmAUR is localized to the mitotic spindle and polar microtubules along the mitochondrion. Interestingly, CmAUR signals were also detected in the mitochondrial division site. These results indicate Aurora kinase in C. merolae is related to mitochondrial division in addition to mitotic spindle formation.

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