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Serum Cystatin C Level as a Biomarker of Aortic Plaque in Patients with an Aortic Arch Aneurysm
Yoshiharu NishimuraKentaro HondaMitsuru YuzakiKouji TajimaRyo NakamuraYasuka NakanishiMasahiro KanekoKouta AgematsuMitsugi Nagashima
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2021 Volume 28 Issue 5 Pages 506-513


Aim: During surgery for an aortic arch aneurysm, aortic plaque in the descending aorta should be evaluated, but there are currently no suitable biomarkers for it. Surgeons should be especially aware of cerebral embolism from femoral perfusion and of peripheral embolism from stent graft deployment. Cystatin C is a known useful marker of renal dysfunction with a role as a biomarker for severity of coronary artery disease. In the absence of a suitable biomarker for aortic plaque in the descending aorta, we examine cystatin C as a candidate.

Methods: In all, 75 patients who underwent surgery for an aortic arch aneurysm were enrolled. They were divided into two groups, depending on whether they had chronic kidney disease or not. The serum cystatin C value and creatinine value were evaluated preoperatively. The aortic plaque volume ratio and components in the descending aorta were calculated from preoperative enhanced computed tomography.

Results: The soft plaque volume ratio was higher in patients with chronic kidney disease than in patients without it. Cystatin C positively correlated with the total aortic plaque volume ratio in all cases, and it positively correlated with the soft plaque volume ratio in both groups. Creatinine had no correlation with any type of plaque volume ratio in either group. In patients without chronic kidney disease, the soft plaque volume ratio was higher in patients with higher cystatin C levels than in patients with normal levels.

Conclusion: The preoperative serum cystatin C level could be a biomarker of aortic plaque in the descending aorta in patients with an aortic arch aneurysm.

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