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Differential Diagnosis between Stuttering and Voice Disorders Using a Questionnaire
Yoshikazu KikuchiToshiro UmezakiKazuo AdachiYumi YamaguchiNobuhiro SatoShizuo Komune
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Volume 55 (2014) Issue 4 Pages 333-337

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In our speech and language outpatient clinic, we have observed patients with chief complaints of difficulties in speaking in front of people or on the telephone not only among those with stuttering syndrome but also among patients with functional dysphonia. We compared the stuttering group with the dysphonia group using a questionnaire. The stuttering group consisted of 46 adolescents and adults, and the dysphonia group consisted of 9 cases of hypertonic functional dysphonia and 3 cases of adductor spasmodic dysphonia. The results showed average awareness ages of 8 years in the stuttering group and 34 years in the dysphonia group. The stuttering group is more secretive about their stuttering problem, demonstrates greater anxiety, is more susceptible to teasing or bullying, is more frequently advised concerning speech, tends to be free from stuttering while singing, and speaks more fluently to oneself than the dysphonia group. A detailed questionnaire helps to distinguish between stuttering and dysphonia.

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