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Relationship between fit-to-drive and driving behaviors on road assessment for stroke patients
Junichi IkutaKyohei Yamada
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2019 Volume 38 Issue 2 Pages 238-246


This research analyzed relationship of the characteristics of concrete driving behaviors to the comprehensive evaluation results of on road assessment using neuropsychological examination analysis, and clarified salient driving behaviors during on road assessment. Comparisons among groups revealed no significant differences in the neuropsychological test results in driving suitability. The total number of driving behaviors that were evaluated as dangerous was the only significant difference, and the numbers in the unfit to drive group were significantly more than in the fit to drive group (p=0.007). Regarding specific driving behaviors and driving suitability, it was clear that the driving position at the time of turning, the existence of the signal at the time of course change, and the course direction at the time of backward movement affected the comprehensive evaluation results. There was no association between neuropsychological tests and driving behavior. This study suggests that driving behavior is a complicated activity which is difficult to judge from neuropsychological tests.

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