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Effect of Fe Addition on Coke Gasification
Yoshiaki KASHIWAYAShouichi NAKAYAKuniyoshi ISHII
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1991 Volume 77 Issue 6 Pages 759-766


Gasification of metallurgical coke to which Fe had been added was studied at 1 000, 1 200, 1 400°C with Ar-CO-CO2 mixtures.
The rate of gasification was accelerated by Fe addition. As the results of X-ray diffraction, carbon in coke was roughly classified into two groups, crystal and non-crystal carbon. However, there was no effect of Fe addition on carbon crystal size. Kinetic analysis was carried out on the basis of modified Langmuir-Hinshelwood type rate equation (K=k1ST PCO2/(1+k2PCO+k3PCO2), ST: ratio of total adsorption site to carbon atom), which has been adopted for conventional metallurgical coke. From the rate constants obtained for Fe doped coke, it was found that the high reaction rate was caused by decreasing of k2 and k3, which were inhibition term of reaction by CO and CO2, respectively.

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