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Determination of Hiesho among Young Japanese Females using Thermographic Technique
Tianyi WANGShima OKADAMasayuki ENDOMasaaki MAKIKAWAYuko OHNO
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2021 Volume 10 Pages 11-17


Hiesho is the condition of having a cold sensation in one's hands or feet. This is a well-known health problem for young Asian females. However, the definition of Hiesho is still controversial. In this study, we aimed to develop a quantitative and non-invasive approach to determine Hiesho. Sixty-three young females participated in this research. Temperature difference (ΔT) between the forehead and foot sole was utilized to define Hiesho or non-Hiesho condition, and the result was crosschecked with that of a self-reported questionnaire. Central systolic blood pressure and augmentation index were measured to evaluate subjects' physiological indicators. The results of the questionnaire showed that 49% of young females (31 of 63 people) reported Hiesho. There was a significant difference in ΔT between non-Hiesho and Hiesho (1.85℃ and 5.55℃, respectively, p < 0.01). After cross-checking with the self-reported questionnaire, ΔT of 3.64℃ demonstrated acceptable reliability and accuracy for defining Hiesho. Central systolic blood pressure and augmentation index were not different between Hiesho and non-Hiesho. In conclusion, young females with Hiesho had drastically different temperatures at the forehead and foot sole. The temperature difference between the forehead and foot could be used as a quantitative and objective parameter for defining Hiesho.

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