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Applied Entomology and Zoology
Vol. 31 (1996) No. 3 P 427-431



Identification of the aggregation pheromone responsible for the aggregation phenomena of the brown-winged green bug, plautia stali SCOTT (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) was attempted. Volatiles collected from adult males which attracted adults showed attraction activity under field conditions. Volatiles were then collected from a total of 180, 000 adult males and the activity of the fractionated samples was field tested using water pan traps. A mixture of hexane and 5% ether in hexane fractions from Florisil LC showed attraction activity, and this was further purified with HPLC and GC. By GC-MS and NMR analysis (COSY), the chemical structure of the active compound was identified as methyl (E, E, Z)-2, 4, 6-decatrienoate. The attraction activity of the synthesized compound of this structure was confirmed by field tests.

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