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Proposal for reducing failure rate of fibre-optic submarine cables in deep-sea based on fault analysis and experiments
Yukitoshi OgasawaraWataru Natsu
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2020 Volume 25 Issue 2 Pages 1-12


The formation of suspensions of fibre-optic submarine cables on the seabed in great depths of water is inevitable due to the “bending stiffness” of the cables combined with the complexity of the seabed topography, especially in areas of trench or seamount terrain. Abyssal currents can cause cable suspensions to oscillate and drag thereby abrading the cable’s outer polyethylene sheath at the points that touch the seabed. If the polyethylene wears through to the copper conductor, the submarine cable system will fail with an insulation fault and the network will shut down until a repair can be made. Technologically advanced societies and industries supported by the global submarine network may be deeply affected by such system downtime. For situations where suspended cables are subjected to sea currents, the submarine cable system is dependent on the abrasion resistance of its outer sheath throughout the commercial life of the system. This study aims to provide a system of installing cable systems that will reduce the number and span length of cable suspensions and increase the system’s mechanical stability.

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