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The Journal of Antibiotics
Vol. 52 (1999) No. 7 P 635-642



The antifungal and antibacterial properties of the crude extract from Streptomyces sp. (strain Gö 40/10) encouraged us to perform a detailed analysis of its secondary metabolite pattern by chemical screening, which revealed the presence of at least 30 different compounds. Ten of the isolated 18 metabolites proved to be new. Remarkable are hydrogenated (3, 4) and glucosylated (5, 6, 7) 14-membered macrolides derived from cineromycin B, two γ-butyrolactones (8, 9), the so far unknown naphthomycin K (14) and the collinolactones A and B. The constitution and relative stereochemistry of these metabolites were deduced from spectroscopic data. Finally the concept of our one strain/many compounds (OSMAC) method for exploring new microbial secondary metabolites is discussed.

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