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Anthropological Science
Vol. 109 (2001) No. 4 P 257-273



As part of our comprehensive genetic study of the aboriginal Taiwanese (Gaoshan), we have reported the distribution of allele frequencies for 13 red cell enzyme and 4 serum protein polymorphisms in all nine aboriginal groups. In this study, 10 additional serum protein polymorphisms for AHSG, C3, C6, C7, GC, HP, ITIH1, PI, TF and ZAG were typed. Common and variant alleles prevailing in East Asian populations were found together with several new variants. The distribution of allele frequencies differed markedly among the nine aboriginal groups and from that in East Asian populations. The large diversity among the aboriginal groups was confirmed by analysis of the genetic affinity on the basis of Nei's standard genetic distance and Cavalli-Sforza's chord distance, which were calculated using the present and previous data from 27 red cell enzyme and serum protein loci. The analysis based on 15 red cell enzyme and serum protein loci revealed that they, in particular the Puyuma and Ami, had strong affinity with Filipino among several East Asian populations.

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