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Motor Learning of Handwriting Using the Non-dominant Hand
Mitsunobu KonoKaoru InoueTomoko KawaguchiMasashi YoshitakeSyunji Sako
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2022 Volume 18 Issue 1 Pages 87-93


To investigate the features associated with the mastery of neat and speedy handwriting, 23 healthy volunteers practiced writing with their non-dominant hand. The participants were randomly divided into two groups. One group (n = 12) started writing simple symbols such as dashes, circles, and triangles (-, ○, and △) and then after 1 week, advanced to writing individual characters. The other group (n = 11) started by copying entire sentences. The practice period lasted 4 weeks (7 days/week). Results showed no major differences between the groups in terms of handwriting learning effectiveness; however, there was a trade-off between the speed at which the participants wrote and the neatness of their writing. These findings suggest that the process of learning to master handwriting is consistent with the Fitts's law.

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