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Acta Arachnologica
Vol. 53 (2004) No. 1 July P 27-33



Taxonomy and Phylogeny

Six new records of the spiders from Taiwan are reported, which are, Araneus viridiventris Yaginuma 1969, Larinia fusiformis (Thorell 1877), Eriophora plumiopedella (Yin, Wang & Zhang 1987) comb. nov. (Araneidae); Thanatus miniaceus Simon 1880 (Philodromidae); Portia fimbriata (Doleschall 1859) (Salticidae) and Dolichognatha umbrophila Tanikawa 1991 (Tetragnathidae). The genera Portia, Thanatus and Dolichognatha are reported from Taiwan for the first time.

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