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A Revisional Study of the Japanese Spiders of the Genus Cyclosa MENGE (Araneae: Araneidae)
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1992 Volume 41 Issue 1 Pages 11-85


Japanese spiders of the genus Cyclosa MENGE, 1866, are revised. After an examination of many specimens collected from various parts of Japan, 22 species of the genus occurring in the country were recognized. They are as follows: C. octotuberculata KARSCH, 1879, C. laticauda BÖSENBERG et STRAND, 1906, C. monticola BÖSENBERG et STRAND, 1906, C. angusta sp. nov., C. onoi sp. nov., C. omonaga sp. nov., C. confusa BÖSENBERG et STRAND, 1906, C. japonica BÖSENBERG et STRAND, 1906, C. norihisai sp. nov., C. atrata BÖSENBERG et STRAND, 1906, C. hamulata sp. nov., C. maritima sp. nov., C. psylla (THORELL, 1887), C. mulmeinensis (THORELL, 1887), C. vallata KEYSERLING, 1886, C. sachikoae sp. nov., C. alba sp. nov., C. argenteoalba BÖSENBERG et STRAND, 1906, C. okumae sp. nov., C. ginnaga YAGINUMA, 1959, C. kumadai sp. nov. and C. sedeculata BÖSENBERG et STRAND, 1906.

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