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A revision of the Japanese genera and species of the subfamily Hadrotarsinae (Araneae: Theridiidae)
Hajime Yoshida
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2002 Volume 51 Issue 1 Pages 7-18


Japanese genera and species of the subfamily Hadrotarsinae Thorell 1881 (Araneae: Theridiidae) are revised. The presence of specialized ventral setae of first tarsi, two pairs of seminal receptacles and a dorso-ventrally flattened craw of female palpus characterize Hadrotarsinae. A key to the genera of Hadrotarsinae is given.
Nineteen species belonging to six genera of Hadrotarsinae are recorded from Japan. A new genus, Yaginumena, is described. Two genera, Trigonobothrys Simon 1889 and Emertonella Bryant 1949, are resurrected, and a genus, Lasaeola Simon 1881, is recorded from Japan for the first time. Twelve species are newly transferred from Dipoena Thorell 1869 to those genera: Yaginumena castrata (Bösenberg & Strand 1906), Y. mutilata (Bösenberg & Strand 1906), Y. maculosa (Yoshida & Ono 2000), Lasaeloa okinawana (Yoshida & Ono 2000), L. yoshidai (Ono 1991), L. yona (Yoshida & Ono 2000), Trigonobothrys japonicus (Yoshida 1985), T. amamiensis (Yoshida 1985), T. martinae (Roberts 1983), T. flavomarginatus (Bösenberg & Strand 1906), T. mustelinus (Simon 1889) and T. nigromaculatus(Yoshida 1987); and a species from Euryopis Menge 1868: Emertonella taczanowskii (Keyserling 1886). A new species, Dipoena nipponica, is described from Iriomote Is., the Nansei Islands. A species, Dipoena immaculata Zhu 1998 described from China, is newly synonymized with T. flavomarginatus, and a genus, Pselothorax Chamberlin 1948, with Lasaeola.

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