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Space-time spectral element method solution for the acoustic wave equation and its dispersion analysis
Yanhui GengGuoliang QinJiazhong ZhangWenqiang HeZhenzhong BaoYazhou Wang
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Volume 38 (2017) Issue 6 Pages 303-313

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This paper presents the solution for the continuous space-time spectral element method (CSTSEM) based on Chebyshev polynomials for the acoustic wave equation. Acoustic wave propagation in various dimensions is simulated using quadrilateral, hexahedral, and tesseract elements. The convergence is studied for 1+1-dimensional wave propagation. The extended 2+1- and 3+1-dimensional wave equations are also numerically solved by CSTSEM and the dispersion characteristics are investigated. A fixed-ω (ω is the angular frequency) method is proposed for computing the dispersion of space-time coupled methods. CSTSEM is verified as a simple, practical isotropic algorithm with low dispersion and high accuracy.

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