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WaveNet modeling of distortion pedal using spectral features
Kento YoshimotoHiroki KurodaDaichi KitaharaAkira Hirabayashi
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2021 Volume 42 Issue 6 Pages 305-313


The present paper proposes a distortion pedal modeling method using the so-called WaveNet. A state-of-the-art method constructs a feedforward network by modifying the original autoregressive WaveNet, and trains it so that a loss function defined by the normalized mean squared error between the high-pass filtered outputs is minimized. This method works well for pedals with low distortion, but not for those with high distortion. To solve this problem, the proposed method exploits the same WaveNet, but a novel loss function, which is defined by a weighted sum of errors in time and time-frequency (T-F) domains. The error in the time domain is defined by the mean squared error without the high-pass filtering, while that in the T-F domain is defined by a divergence between spectral features computed from the short-time Fourier transform. Numerical experiments using a pedal with high distortion, the Ibanez SD9, show that the proposed method is capable of precisely reproducing high-frequency components without attenuation of low-frequency components compared to the state-of-the-art method.

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